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    You have probably heard about the Exile Mod XM8 (pronounced "ex-mate") Android app, have you not? Our Discord bot is the first official alternative that runs on all devices, including desktops. People have been asking us forever if we are going to make an iOS or even a Windows phone port of the XM8 app. So far, the answer has been no as developing for Apple is just too expensive.

    But today we would like to announce our XM8 Discord bot. In case you have not heard about Discord; it is a mixture of IRC, Teamspeak and Skype and made for gaming communities like us. Exile Mod has its own Discord server which you can join here:


    The XM8 Discord bot is basically the same as the Exile Mod XM8 app. Discord, however, runs on all mobile and desktop devices and even runs in your web browser. Our XM8 bot is hooked up with our XM8 network and will inform you about base raids, protection money reminders and flag thefts in realtime - just like our app does.

    The XM8 Discord bot works the same way as our app. You verify your Steam ID with the bot by using Steam login and then choose which Exile server can send you notifications by granting them permission. All you need to do is to join our Exile Discord server and then whisper the user "Exile Mod XM8". The bot will then guide you through the process. Be sure to stay on our Discord server, as bots cannot be added as a friend. 


    If you have questions about the bot, feel free to ask us directly on Discord or in the respective sub-forum, which you can find here:




    What will access to the bot cost?

    Nothing. Nada. It is free. However, if you would like to help us feeding the hamsters to keep them spinning our wheels, we would be thankful for your donation.

    Will the bot save my Steam login and password?

    No, the bot will ask you to login on the Steam website once and Steam will only tell us if that was successful. We neither read or save your Steam login data. All the bot does is to keep track of your Steam ID, so it can route in-game messages to your Discord.

    Can I use the Android app and Discord at the same time?


    Do I, as a server owner, have to do anything to make my server compatible with the Discord bot?

    Nein. The setup for servers is the same as with the XM8 app. If you would like to have your players being able to get notifications from your server, register your server here:


    Can the bot be invited to other Discord servers?


    Eichi is writing a Devblog; is he working on Exile again?

    Nein. But I promised I will help when Arma updates and my calendar says that is tomorrow.

    Why are you writing Nein instead of no?

    To make you ask this question.



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