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  2. Помогите подскажите где поменять ремонт техники в места скотча на другое в Арме 3 Exile Server
  3. Apple112

    Adding music.

    Hello, my server zombie only lays eggs in the red zone, and never lays eggs outside the red zone. I don't know which one is set for it in the configuration file.
  4. ItsDutch

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    didn't hear about this problem yet... are you sure it worked before??? maybe u removed something in the installing progress
  5. Hi Exile Community, I decided to open up a little private Arma 3 Liberation Server with Task Force Radio, which is running on the same V-Server as my Exile Server. I was offline for one week during holidays and decided to start the server when Im back because I didn´t really tested it if 2 instances are running stable for 24/7 on my V-Server. So after about 12 hours my server got a bluescreen and another Day later my Exile Server was crashing with the error code in the topic without a bluescreen. I think the error is caused by the Liberation Server because my Server is not getting any errors or crashed when only running the exile server. So do I make something wrong? Both Servers are having its own files, configs and Ports. I didn´t set up automatical restarts for the Liberation Server but for the exile server. My V-Server has the following configuration: CPU Intel Xeon E5-2630 v4 2.20 GHz 6 Cores 16 gb RAM Windows Server 2016 Datacenter
  6. Trojan79


    Remember to be zero at the end! you have in your initserver ["Land_Billboard_F", [6905.87, 11430.3, 396.509], [0.999791, 0.0204337, 0], [0, 0, 1], true], and you have to change in config cpp only [6905.87, 11430.3,0] and [0.999791, 0.0204337, 0], this class CfgExileNGMessageBoards { positions[] = {{6905.87, 11430.3, 0},{0.999791, 0.0204337, 0}}; }; DISCORD
  7. Knocks

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Eden editor
  8. Yesterday
  9. Sgt Smash

    Repairing Tanks Interaction Menu?

    Would that make him to young to play Arma 3?
  10. Sgt Smash

    Repairing Tanks Interaction Menu?

    Thanks from 2019 lol
  11. Chernaruski

    Kerama Creating feat. p3d

    corrupted arma 3 data? validate in steam
  12. Tam

    Flag Hacking 1.0.4

    Hi does anyone know why my virtual garage is not letting me retrieve vehicles after installing the exile flag hacking ?. all the flack hacking works fine but just noticed I cant take vehicles out the VG now.
  13. Great shout with the diffmerge tool as I didn't know that was available however it made no difference unfortunately. Are any of the errors serious enough to cause performance issues?
  14. @Ghostrider-DBDQuestion is it possible to disable error logging in rpt?
  15. @Ghostrider-DBDHey. How do I understand the bugs are not fixed after the last update on July 11? Error while performing sea missions remained
  16. Apple112

    Respawn at same location

    My server also has the same regeneration setting. How do I turn it off?
  17. Last week
  18. Blaezit

    [Release] (Bounties) Most Wanted

    I would love to have this work on my server but Im still getting this issue. no idea how to fix it.
  19. MGTDB

    Purchased vehicle/player TP

    ExileClient_system_trading_network_purchaseVehicleResponse.sqf Remove or comment out the line:- player moveInDriver _vehicleObject;
  20. At least some are. You might try running the RC unmodified then diffmerg your configs onto the new versions.
  21. Dirtysnake2355

    Purchased vehicle/player TP

    Is there a way to shut off the script that teleports players into their vehicle when purchased at trader. it is breaking a mod I’m trying to make compatible. Any help would be awesome.
  22. I do not know what happened in the administration of the EXILE project, but in any case this does not justify closing the forum. This is explained by one simple word, and this word is selfishness in relation to forum users. Administration all that we ask to give the forum. There are many people who are ready to host it on their hosting and many worthy people who will follow it.
  23. Powerstriker46

    Is Discord good enough for Exile community threads?

    looks like that i have to make a BI account now Discord is not alternative for me. Only chaos for simply things you search 15 to find this. discord is nice for kids because its free but I will stay on TS3 and forums i cant understand this step because, the requiered donations was filled all of the time and i dont understand why here some gyus writing that arma 3 (and exile) are dieing... arma is since release one of the most played games on steam.... currently on position 27 with over 20.000 players...
  24. FckingWoppa


    **GENERAL RULES** Admins : FckingWoppa, SteveTheCow Respect admins. Admins decide. Do not argue with admins! All rules may change without notice! **Base Starter Kits** ____________________________________________ OPERATIONBLACK !NEW! |Panthera Militarized PvP Exile |25k Start|Tanks|Arty|Jets|Revive|Hacking|BaseSpawn|Wages|FPS+ **MILITARIZED EXILE SERVER** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are a custom server build to make every player welcome and help out as much as possible... Still room to add different MODs if want to... But we are a Militarized Server... Feel free to ask any question or anything on our Discord Page... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL NEW SERVER UP AND READY FOR ALL TO HAVE FUN.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Traders... Custom Missions.... Convoy Missions... Patrol Missions... Artillery Missions... Hackers Mission... ZCP Missions... PopTabs In All Mission Boxes... Wages... Radiation Zone (High Loot)... Vector Building... Base Building... Reviving Team Mates... Ship Wrecks... Hacking... (Safes & Containers)... Loot+.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come Along And Have Loads Of Fun! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MODS JSRS = SMA = CUP_Units = CUP_Vehicles = CUP_Weapons = Fox_SurvivalCars = Advanced_Rappelling = Advanced_Towing = DS_Houses = Extended_Base_Mod = CBA_A3 = CUP_Terrains_Core = Advanced_Urban_Rappelling = Island_Panthera =
  25. anyone know how to reduce the zombies per player to limit it to only 5 zombies or 8? And anyone know about the "LOOT AND DEATH ZONE" and how to turn it off?
  26. SD2345

    Persistence Infection FIX for RZInfection

    Hey, couldn't get this to work. Won't load character after pasting in the fix.
  27. Thomas [ T.K.O ]

    Exile Hud

    Thats not out of Stock stuff! ! Exempel
  28. MajorColton

    Exile Hud

    nope like you know the statusbar in the middle bottom screen
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