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  1. @Ghostrider-DBDQuestion is it possible to disable error logging in rpt?
  2. @Ghostrider-DBDHey. How do I understand the bugs are not fixed after the last update on July 11? Error while performing sea missions remained
  3. Irkutsk86

    Infistar Global Ban

    @Toxaпокупай новый аккаунт. Уже глобальный бан не снимут.
  4. Yes, set the default and when changed.
  5. @Ghostrider-DBDHello! In logs one more error found
  6. @Ghostrider-DBD Hey. Such errors after upgrade build 177
  7. Irkutsk86

    ExAd addon spawn Exile Supply Crate

  8. @Ghostrider-DBDHi again. In the logs again I noticed the error In the settings of the missions have not changed anything.
  9. Irkutsk86

    [Released] Loot-box add-on by nabek(゚∀゚)ノ

    Good job. But there are minor problems. It is a system script squander fps. Later I will make screenshots of the problem
  10. @Ghostrider-DBD Hi! There is still such a mistake in logs:
  11. Irkutsk86

    [Released] Loot-box add-on by nabek(゚∀゚)ノ

    Map Altis supported ?
  12. Irkutsk86

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    @KnocksHello! I found errors on my server hc_2019 log-04-22_18-00-45
  13. Irkutsk86

    A3XAI updated?

    @RastabobThere's Google. Copy the name kuplion and find the link