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  1. Chernaruski

    Kerama Creating feat. p3d

    corrupted arma 3 data? validate in steam
  2. Chernaruski

    [Updated] ExileReborn - A complete survival package

  3. @Kuchenplatte , whatever fits the community, I've just offered a free and , in my opinion , convenient alternative. Your offer sounds legit too of course, but you coming back to the same possible future problem of hosting/domain renewal costs and what not. @Sgt Smash , sorry , I'm not the one to decide where the "New home for Exile" will be. I offered alternative, if majority of people move and stay at Exilemod Club @ BI forums, we always can inform rest of users on Discord or ask admins to do it a mass message (@everyone) , if they see it necessary, at the end of the month.
  4. Who knows what the next day will bring... maybe Exile mod will become open source *wink wink*
  5. Discord is just mish-mash disaster when it comes to information reference or any proper discussion on a specific topic/issue. If anyone have a different platform/forum in mind , let me know. I was even thinking get some people aboard to BI forum club... at least some place to discuss exile related stuff... @Knocks the info wont dissapear, few people already said they are going to keep the forum topics archived and available for public.
  6. Chernaruski

    triggers... a never ending story

    I've created a entry/exit messages this way: Add this to Mission.sqm: * Change position[]= where you want your trigger to be. * Change onActivation sqf script to be executed on entry to trigger zone. * Change onDeactivation sqf script to be executed on leaving the trigger zone. * Don't forget to change class Item# to a proper one, so you don't have duplicates and increase the overall class Entities > items= ; class Item13 { dataType="Trigger"; position[]={x,z,y}; class Attributes { name="LocationPvPvE"; text="LocationPvPvE"; condition="call{this && (local player) && (vehicle player in thisList)}"; onActivation="call{LocationPvPvE = [] execVM ""enterpvp.sqf"";}"; onDeactivation="call{LocationPvPvE = [] execVM ""exitpvp.sqf"";}"; sizeA=200; sizeB=200; repeatable=1; activationBy="ANY"; }; id=148; type="EmptyDetectorAreaR50"; atlOffset=-402.07001; };
  7. Chernaruski

    auto run stuttering

    Could be anything from overloaded with scripts server , potato hardware, etc... Some recommend turning lag check in infistar server addon config OFF. Its a server thing, nothing you as a players can do to fix this.
  8. Chernaruski

    [Released] Loot-box add-on by nabek(゚∀゚)ノ

    I'm no fan of the exile loot-n-shoot game play , so my suggestions may sound out of place for some. But still , here are a few things to consider , if its possible to implement: * - In addition to the random loot boxes, randomly spawn (or not) custom location stashes. Yeah I'm a control freak, I want to decide where to put some of them :-). If you played STALKER series you remember how fun it was to look for these dozens of stashes hidden all over the map. No markers. Just you and your instincts to look for this. I've tried implementing something similar on my server via Darth_Rogue & Chisel script of custom crates, but the custom locations where pretty constant and players farmed the same box over and over after restarts , instead of boxes spawning once in a 4-5 server restarts or only 1 out of 5 predefined locations. * - Meeting a random traveling/sitting somewhere trader is fun. If you have no trade zones even better. But still you need to use pop tabs currency for this. I find it would be much more immersive to meet and trade with them item per item , instead of currency involved. Food for food , food for ammo , ammo for food , etc. * - I've noticed you have "outdoor loot box" in the middle of village. You might want to spawn them , even further in the woods/desert far from any named location of the map. * - "When spotter and fired upon , your location will be marked on map for other players to see" - I suggest adding some kind of a bandit radio transmission , as if they report you location to others. Plus add check for specific items for players to have , before they can see the marker. Well , radio to hear the bandit transmission and GPS to have the "exact" coordinates of other players. ? - BTW , how is the performance? Anyone tried this addon and seen any issues as @Irkutsk86 says? Does it have some sort of self-cleaning system to clean looted loot boxes, far from player ai , etc . to boost frames a bit?
  9. Chernaruski

    [Released] Loot-box add-on by nabek(゚∀゚)ノ

    Nice, def gonna check it out. Can help you translate the whole thing to Russian, just get the word strings ready.
  10. Chernaruski

    [Release] Fishing boat script [UPDATED]

    add another code line/s at line 133. for example 4 more fishes: player addItem _fisharray; player addItem _fisharray; player addItem _fisharray; player addItem _fisharray;
  11. Chernaruski

    Exile Scavenge Framework - 0.7 BETA (23.10.2017)

    Sure, I've tried it and it worked, but so you know some animations will get you stuck after searching. Not sure why, but I reverted all animations back after testing this. you probably need to use the Exile_SledgeHammer_Swing01.rtm or just use mining directly via exilemod functions and not Scavenge Framework Nope. It also doesn't work if you add ponds p3d models to the scavenge (water gathering part) script.
  12. Chernaruski

    баг с спавном

    Так и есть. Проблема с багом в базе данных. Пиши админу (или твой друг), чтобы ручками исправил в базе данных твою запись в таблице players. У тебя там в колонке damage стоит -1 , пусть заменит на 0. Вряд ли достучитесь до админа. Сервер на 4 игрока, клановый какой-то . Просто найдите другой, будет проще и быстрее.
  13. Chernaruski

    [Updated] ExileReborn - A complete survival package

    Damn, I really hoped its possible to combine the two ... Well , I think I will have to give up on PvPvE zones @infiSTAR handling at the moment , I love Reborn unconsciousness and bleeding ... too bad. I did try , couldn't make it work. Also didn't spent too much time on dwelling on it , since I moved on to Ravage Mod zombies module spawner.
  14. Chernaruski

    [Release] DMS Chernarus Static AI Base Mission

    Its not just 2 clicks thing. Its a good way of importing & editing objects of an already existing missions , but yeah I'm aware of the wrong vector direction. As for height it keep the originally created mission height , on different maps it will be in the sky and sometimes underground. Just rotate and lower the objects manually and you good to go.
  15. Chernaruski


    your dms mission have set the objects to a simple objects type & you can't interact (open doors) with simple objects you will need to dig the code of that specific mission (dynamic, static , whatever its called) and change that building type in objects spawning script to have enableSimulationGlobal on. depends on how the objects spawning script in your version of DMS looks like...