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    Exile Hud

    nope like you know the statusbar in the middle bottom screen
  2. MajorColton

    1st Specialized Warfare RZA

    We are a community based off of Arma 3, mainly consisting of all South African players and community staff with a server dedicated to making your gaming experience an excellent one with the use of mods and amazing staff.
  3. MajorColton

    Exile Hud

    Good day everyone I got a minor problem here, my exile hud doesn't show on the bottom of the screen after i setup my server, is there some setting I have to edit or something I have to add? Any Help Will be greatly appreciated
  4. MajorColton

    Missing Keys When Trying To Join Server

    Hey Guys, So i set up a new server and it should work but I cant join, its kicks me everytime and pops up a message: Could someone please assist