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  1. MajorColton

    Exile Hud

    Good day everyone I got a minor problem here, my exile hud doesn't show on the bottom of the screen after i setup my server, is there some setting I have to edit or something I have to add? Any Help Will be greatly appreciated
  2. MajorColton

    Exile Hud

    nope like you know the statusbar in the middle bottom screen
  3. MajorColton

    1st Specialized Warfare RZA

    We are a community based off of Arma 3, mainly consisting of all South African players and community staff with a server dedicated to making your gaming experience an excellent one with the use of mods and amazing staff.
  4. MajorColton

    Missing Keys When Trying To Join Server

    Hey Guys, So i set up a new server and it should work but I cant join, its kicks me everytime and pops up a message: Could someone please assist