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  1. Hey I wanted to ask something about using vehicles from your mod. How could I contact you?

  2. Your account will be deleted in a few moments. Just adding this comment to get you notified by email. Enjoy!
  3. HI Eichi

    Könntest du mir bitte sagen wie man bei der Statusbar unten temp und body einfügt ? Hab schon alles erdenkliche versucht (erster Server) aber bekomme es nicht hin und im Forum Antwortet keiner.


    Gruss Goat89

    1. Eichi


      Hallo! Ich hab die Statusbar nicht gebaut, aber frag im Discord doch mal Kuplion :) 

  4. No, since I have left the project like two years ago
  5. Simple: Arma has issues handling many objects, as you probably know. Smaller objects would mean more objects to cover the same amount of space / people are more likely to place more smaller than bigger ones. But from a performance standpoint, a big one costs exactly as much as a small one. Hence the smaller ones never made it into the mod.
  6. hello @Eichi can you send me all the animations for traders pls thnx

  7. At which exact time and date was this sent? What is your timezone? 1:04:56 "ExileServer - XM8 mesage sent: {""r"":[""76561198215443645""],""m"":""base-raid"",""t"":""Z3 Airport""} ()"
  8. Not sure what you mean, but in case you want the bot to join your Discord server: That is not possible.
  9. Eichi

    Want to host a mirror Ping @Eichi in a topic!

    Thank you, its online!
  10. Eichi

    XM8 App broadcast limit

    Thats done!
  11. Eichi

    XM8 App broadcast limit

    That is done!
  12. Eichi

    Brighter Nights

    Please check this, as it does exactly what you are looking for: ExileClient_System_Moon_Initialize.sqf
  13. The vehicle respect thing was already adressed. Most of the duping issues are even possible in vanilla Arma. But if you could be more precise, I am sure the team can have a look into it.
  14. Eichi

    2 small probs

    Sorry for the delay - I was in Nirvana. Unfortunately, there is already a user with the name "Frank Castle". Do you want me to change to to anything else?
  15. Eichi

    Remove servers from account

    Please do the following: If we would not do this, people could request deleting servers they do not own