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  1. [19:26] Mezo: Hey Vish. Just to let you know I removed all of Crazy Mike's Posts as requested by him. Also could you remove my mod :stuck_out_tongue: [19:26] Vishpala: You're quitting? [19:27] Mezo: I've been banned from Discord for nearly 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue: [19:27] Mezo: So Yes :smiley: Same tbh pal. I was never removed I was just banned from Discord which nobody could do anything about because your special self made it
  2. Some top notch manipulation of the truth going on here. And yeah, you're damn right I'm "lurking"... Why the fuck are you worried about "Heavy" liking the post, as if to say that's me.... I liked it personally because Floss makes me giggle. It amazes me how much he loves me. Even while I was working on your server, you messaged me everyday accusing me of stealing from you. Was beyond a joke. You then didn't pay for your server and lost everything I uploaded. Waste of fucking time. Give up on Arma, get a life and stop sending me creepy messages. sidenotes; pliss don't ban me... /sarcasm Oh and also, I never left the mod team because of anything to do with you, not sure what gave you that idea... but I'm glad you thought you had some influence on that for a while... Gonna go back to having fuck all to do with this retarded game/people now.... Peace
  3. Mezo

    How to override existing class values?

    If you want to store stuff in the exile_client config you need to make another mod. (pointless). either store it in the server or the mission file.
  4. Mezo

    Server Mods

  5. Mezo

    reduce the number of vehicles spawned

    Anyone know how to reduce the number of support posts in general discussion?
  6. Honestly, if I see this same comment on one more thread I'm banning you... seen it on about 10 threads now.
  7. Mezo


    @Grim in 2017 LUL
  8. You wouldn't be hosting Arma 3 if you wanted a simple life
  9. You can't have tried very hard if you didn't manage to find a tutorial on how to schedule a task through wts bud.
  10. Mezo

    Breaching Charge Timer

  11. Mezo

    Exile Malden.

    so is my.....
  12. Works fine for me?
  13. Mezo

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    Well if a building is identical only a different colour, you can just copy the entire class and change the class name. Exile is built to support Altis, Tanoa and Namalsk, it's up to server owners to make it work with the other maps they want to use.