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    No notifications

    Hi, ESM overrides the XM8 notification system and sends them to the bot. While running ESM, you (and your players) will only receive XM8 notifications on Discord from Exile Server Manager. By default, XM8 notifications are disabled for an individual player, but they can turn these by using the !notif command in a PM with the bot. If you would like to use the XM8 notifications that come with Exile, you will need to delete the exile_server_xm8.pbo from @ESM mod. This will remove the overrides and any notifications will go through the other system. Keep in mind, you will not get XM8 notifications through ESM nor will you get the new notifications that ESM provides on your phone. If you have any more questions or issues about ESM, join our Discord (https://www.esmbot.com/join) and we can help you there.
  2. WolfkillArcadia

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    Hi everyone, there are rules in the first post that you are REQUIRED to follow. Please make sure you are posting your RPTs with your bug report, otherwise I will just ignore you. Also, the 1.0.4a server hotfix was pushed earlier. The following files were affected: ExileServer_object_lock_network_grindNotificationRequest ExileServer_object_construction_network_* The construction files WILL ERROR if you haven't applied the fixes. Read your RPT before posting. @dima054I don't have enough information to help you. The errors you posted is the server trying to add rows to the construction table without a valid territory_id. @Z80CPUNobody was notified because I was asleep when the files were uploaded. I just woke up to deal with all of this. @M6malYou have an error at the bottom of your RPT: Database Error: Error Unknown Protocol Check your extDB Logs @ReynevanApply the fixes above or merge the exile_server.pbo files from 1.0.4A hotfix and try again. If the issue persists, I NEED RPTs from the server/client.
  3. Please post any bugs you encounter with Exile 1.0.4 "Pineapple" here. RULES: When posting please include a server RPT and a client RPT (if possible). Please, please, please read the thread to see if your bug has already been posted. Duplicated bug reports will be removed. Do not shit post. The Mod Team will be handing out infractions for any and all shit posting. Check below for bugs we are already aware of. BUGS WE ARE AWARE OF: Typo in ExileServer_object_lock_grindNotificationRequest. Fix here Typo in ExileServer_object_construction_network_*. _constructionBlockDuration = getNumber (missiongConfigFile >> "CfgTerritories" >> "constructionBlockDuration"); Should be: _constructionBlockDuration = getNumber (missionConfigFile >> "CfgTerritories" >> "constructionBlockDuration"); USE THIS TEMPLATE WHEN POSTING BUGS: Information: Operating System, version? Post your system specifications. (Hardware) Please try to include helpful evidence related to the bug, such as screenshots and videos Include pastebins for your server AND client .RPTs (http://www.pastebin.com) Bug Description: A concise description of what the problem is. Pure description, no narrative or conversational language. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Describe anything you did to try to fix it on your own.
  4. WolfkillArcadia

    1.0.4 "Pineapple" Release!

    Inmates! This dev blog is going to be short and sweet. It's finally happened, after roughly 10 months since the last update, Exile receives its 1.0.4 "Pineapple" update! You can download it from our site here, or from A3Launcher. Please be patient if the downloads are slow, we are working on getting mirrors up and running as soon as possible. You can read up all about the update here: 1.0.4 Update: Pineapple If you like changelogs, you can view it here: 1.0.4 "Pineapple" Changelog I want to give a MASSIVE thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to everyone who donated or helped out with this update. @Vishpala Without her, I would've have gone insane. @MGTDB From MGT, for hosting and testing both Escape and Exile, and helping with BE filters @Adam Kadmon From AWG, for hosting and testing Escape @Andrew_S90 From ZDT, for creating the new construction and container items, as well as, helping with asset bugs @Monkeynutz, @LordRampantHump, @lucy2990, @Sir_Joker, @The Raging Kerfuffle, @gfourth, @Riker2335, @dima054, @AGR0-, @JayPaypers, @BaroN, @lobosds, @aussie battler, @Bunnaayy, @Darksoul47, @kuplion, @3210330833, @@nae, @Rabid Panda, @Old Man Tim, @thomas_hirt, @wetNreckless, @chrispools, @Jan1027, @EBEALIEN, @stefan.kueneth, @#night|gaert0r, @DarkViper, @twitch.tv/smokedog77, @odizzzzle, and anyone else who I missed. Thank you all for donating to reach our Escape goal! Thank you so much. <3
  5. WolfkillArcadia

    Proper use of Call within a While do

    Yes, they are global because you did not have an underscore in front of the variable name. GlobalVariable _privateVariable private _localVariable Would be comparable to: Public, Class level variable Private, Class level variable Local Method variable If you work in other programming languages. There are a few differences between _privateVariable and private _localVariable. The one you will run into is that if you have a bunch of inline functions defined, like you do in your examples, you will end up sharing variables across those functions; essentially those variables being used at the script level instead of locally. Using private or private ["_localVariable"], will ensure that the variable is local to that scope. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/private If you do not plan on using a function outside a script, I suggest declaring them as private local variables. If you plan on using them outside this script, you will have to define them as global. Especially in the case of the EH, as that FN_mycall will be called at a later date outside the scope of your script. Also, if you are feeling adventurous, I'd suggest looking into the threading system within Exile instead of using while loops. This is not required though. You can do a search across the files for examples on how to use it. ExileClient_system_thread_addTask ExileServer_system_thread_addTask
  6. WolfkillArcadia

    Proper use of Call within a While do

    The code you posted does the following: Creates an onPlayerConnected EH with stackname and will call FN_mycall with those parameters. Infinitely do the following: Loop through allPlayers Assign some code to a global variable named FN_mycall Assign some code to a global variable named FN_myothercall I am confused on exactly what you are trying to do, but based on the title of the topic, all you want to do is call a function from a loop? // Always define functions before you plan on using them. FN_mycall = { _id = _this select 0; _name = _this select 1; _uid = _this select 2; // do something here }; FN_myothercall = { // do something else }; // Make sure to change "stackname" to something a little more... unique. ["stackname", "onPlayerConnected", {[_id,_name,_uid] call FN_mycall}] call BIS_fnc_addStackedEventHandler; // In an unscheduled environment, this will only loop 10,000 times before exiting. // In a scheduled environment, this will loop infinitely. while {true} do { { // do work! } forEach allPlayers; // You cannot call FN_mycall from here unless you define it's parameters // Call function FN_myothercall call FN_myothercall; };
  7. WolfkillArcadia

    Ladder Hatch Climb Trigger

    Thanks for reporting, but this has already been reported and addressed in the next RC. You can view current known bugs in the pinned post in this subforum. The newest RC has yet to be updated on A3L, so the fix has not been pushed. If you experience this issue again after the RC has been updated, please let us know. Thanks
  8. WolfkillArcadia

    [CLOSED] Concrete ladder hatch

    We closed this thread
  9. WolfkillArcadia

    [CLOSED] Concrete ladder hatch

  10. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  11. WolfkillArcadia

    metal ladder

    Let us know if it happens again. Closing
  12. WolfkillArcadia

    Another possible virtual Garage issue

    Informed of why this was happening. Not an issue with Exile code. Closing.
  13. WolfkillArcadia

    concrete ladder hatch

    This has already been reported and addressed for next RC. Please review the pinned topic. Thanks
  14. WolfkillArcadia

    metal ladder

    Please provide pictures.
  15. WolfkillArcadia

    Another possible virtual Garage issue

    Can you please provide me your client RPT for this session? Via a pastebin link