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  1. Hello @SwissArmy1984, First off, USE GOOGLE! You will find 'answers' to this problem! Some the returns even POINT TO THIS SITE!!! Did you even search THIS site? Also, what does this text say about the 'Montella' map? The mod is not completed and it does not represent a finished product, it still is a Work In Progress. See: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1562904329 What does the AUTHOR say about the 'South Asia' map? ANZACSAS Steven [author] Apr 26 @ 7:05am @yawnymann , Totally agree.We can only hope.:)I did have an idea about the water.IF we can edit the satmap and change the water texture area to dry desert riverbed.Dont know if its possible though. See: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1571581816 Or this: Not compatible with CUP Terrains only.CUP has all these addons in code form only, making it conflict with this real one. May have to get on to the CUP team regarding further development.This terrain is standalone Or this: Objects in 3d editor are only partially supported. THEY DO NOT KNOW HOW TO PROPERLY/COMPLETELY EDIT A MAP! Granted they know more than I do! And I really do not know why you're even wasting your time on these 2 maps. Montella is UNFINISHED AND IS UNPLAYABLE as an Exile map due to this. I have this map and NO UPDATES IN MONTHS. What IS done, IS nice though (minus the roads). 'South Asia'? It is a POS map! I flew this map in TOH - A ROYAL POS! And this 'conversion' is NO BETTER! So, did it ever occur to you that this error JUST MIGHT be from using unfinished maps as well as using maps made by people who don't know 100% what they are doing? Did that ever cross you mind?
  2. Z80CPU

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    Hello @SleePyHollow150, I looked as I have the 'latest and greatest' version of CBA. So, let us get some facts straight: I have it and I do NOT get this error. I did NOT find 'ammo1+ammo2' in any CBA PBO (I searched in an 'unique' way). It IS possible that CBA is 'right' and some mod is 'wrong'. Without me starting ARMA, it is POSSIBLE the 'formula' SHOULD BE 'A SPACE + SPACE B' Like this: a + b. NOT a+b. Some interpreters will assume a+b is a SINGLE 'word', others do not. ARMA? I forget, but I, for some reason, ALWAYS put a space in ARMA. I do not in other languages. BUT, I did just 'fire up ARMA' and 'test this'. In the console I typed in: a = 1; b=2; hint str (a+b); a = 1; b=2; hint str (a + b); BOTH gave the answer of 3, which they should. So, this means something aint right! With a little digging, which you did not do, for if you did, you would not be here! ALWAYS take the error and put it into Google FIRST! Putting into Google: "unable to compile MFD condition" arma I got THIS. This is an OLD PROBLEM that has been around since March 2018 and no telling how much longer before that! And notice, it is the EXACT ERROR YOU HAVE! See: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/143930-general-discussion-dev-branch/?page=969 Bohemia's problem tracker has issue since MARCH 2017!!!! ZERO response from Bohemia See: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T123823 Personally I think it is a mod that is using some 'function' that is bugged in ARMA. Solution? Either 're-write' that mod or quit using it. I know that is not what you like to hear. Outside of the 2 above options, I do not think there is too much you can do sadly. Your OTHER errors, I ALSO put those into Google: "Error in expression <ffectCreate ["ColorCorrections" = https://feedback.bistudio.com/T85601 MARCH 2016 "DMS ERROR :: Attempting to spawn static base with file ""saltflatsbase"" = EVERY ONE OF YOUR ISSUES IS ADDRESSED ON GOOGLE! ALWAYS, ALWAYS USE GOOGLE FIRST! IF I had to 'make a guess', it would be one of three things: 1 - Old/poorly/out-dated mod being used. 2 - Not installed properly. 3 - Both #1 and #2.
  3. Z80CPU

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

    @TroyT, Ok, do note: #1 - I NEVER said you were 'inexperienced' nor hinted at it. #2 - There is an old saying which I am sure you have heard: 'There is ALWAYS someone better than you' #3 - There is a policy called 'IT Best Practices', which you are not using at all. #4 - I have 35+ years in IT, part of that is about 15+ in Server administration. I do this as a profession and a career. #5 - I have about 5 years in ISO 9001 policy creation, ISO Internal Auditor, as well as being a QRB Member (this is like a 'parallel board'. Instead of running the company, we ran the Quality policies and procedures.) The 'formal' definition is defined as: Quality Review Board (QRB): A cross-functional group of process owners and ad hoc representatives deemed by a company to be responsible for deciding the disposition of all defective products and out-of-compliance processes (nonconformances). See HERE Now, this is a FACT, matters not if you like it or not. You did not read what I stated; I NEVER TOUCH MY SERVER PERIOD. Except updates. And EVEN THEN YOU STILL DO NOT NEED TO TOUCH THE SERVER AT ALL!!! Are you not reading or comprehending what I am saying? You can do updates by a batch file which CAN BE started by a SINGLE LINE EMAIL TO YOUR 'MASTER' SERVER! You do not have a CLUE about what I am talking about nor even how to do it, yet you 'discount it'. This is NOT wise in ANY area where someone is providing advice in an area where you possess 'limited knowledge'. The question is WHY do they 'need to touch it'? You REFUSE to answer that question and provide a FIX FOR IT! The answer is because it is NOT set up as best as it could. If mine is 100% 'hands off', SO CAN YOURS TOO! Also, many of the items I stated you SHOULD do; some are mine, and OTHERS ARE NOT. It seems you are not aware of certain 'groups'. These people know 10 times what you and I combined would know. They put together a set of 'things' that you should do and should not do. These are termed IT BEST PRACTICES. And from what you stated, you're not doing ANY OF THEM. This means, more work, a 'sloppy' means of admining, loads of extra work, and LOADS OF TROUBLE. You stating 'you NEED all these admins' shows this. I shall provide you with some info to see what I mean. One other thing you do not know too, is that I am also a programmer for 45+ years. I actually have about 4 programs (EXE's) posted on this site. Guess what my 'expertise' in programming is? AUTOMATION! Guess what my nickname was when I was the Production Supervisor for the world's 3rd largest clone manf years ago? It was 'BATMAN' due to me automating the loading, configuring, installing programs, and then testing computers all via BATCH FILES, some as large as 20k. ZERO HUMAN INTERVENTION except power and network cables. In that job, I took them from 250 people producing 300 computers a day to 40 people producing 600 computers. I KNOW my automation! I eat it 3 times a day! IT Best Practices: https://its.unl.edu/bestpractices/server-administration <-- Notice, this is from the University of Nebraska Main 'page' - https://its.unl.edu/bestpractices/ "Best Practice: The Administrator/root account should normally be locked." - NO ONE HAS ACCESS! "Best Practice: Deny all, then allow for remote administration access only to authorized accounts." https://www.hungerford.tech/2014/12/4-benefits-separate-administrator-accounts/ Protecting Important System Files "By restricting privileges to a knowledgeable system administrator, you prevent inexperienced users from unwittingly removing a system file." - This means, if the person KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING, there are NO ISSUES. You RESTRICT people because they DO NOT KNOW what they are doing - THIS IS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. Does this say you can do this if that person has semi-knowledge? NO! YOU NEVER DO IT! Funny, as with most of these listed things, you do JUST THE OPPOSITE! https://blog.devolutions.net/2018/02/system-administrators-10-best-practices-for-career-success-happiness "Being a system administrator is like being Han Solo: you must solve problems left and right, you must be on top of everything at all times, and most importantly: you must ensure that nothing crashes." - Notice what is MISSING FROM THIS??? NO WHERE do you see 'your Jr. Admins'. IT IS ALL YOU!!! And NO ONE ELSE. And there is a TON more stuff you are NOT doing! I would HIGHLY recommend you research this: IT Best Practices These people KNOW 100% of what they are doing. This is no different when you go to a doctor and you IGNORE their advice. 'Bad things' WILL happen. With one server and just you, well, you can do all sorts of crap. With yours? No, you can NOT or it WILL be a disaster in the making. You Need: Standard Folder Layout on EVERY SEVER. Master Backup of the files which can be put on ALL/ANY servers at any time. Individual Master Backup of servers files just for THAT server (such as unique mods that are not on the other servers). Standard policies and practices. An Industry Standard For Quality Control. Sadly, from what I have seen, you have none of these things. There is another saying which is also true: 'If you wished to be seen as a professional; ACT LIKE LIKE A PROFESSIONAL!' Your 'methods' are ineffective, dangerous, and just wrong. Oh yeah, you can 'walk on your hands all the time' or 'drive a car with square wheels'. You CAN do these things...but there IS A PRICE TO PAY IN THE END! Here is a simple 'test' for your admins: You are going out of town for 6 months. Your house has 5 rooms in it. You leave $100,000/100,00 euros on a table in the open, along with a bunch of drugs and alcohol. These are you choices: #1 - You do NOT let 'this person' stay there AT ALL! #2 - You let them stay, but you LOCK FOUR OF THE FIVE ROOMS, with the 'goodies' in one of the locked rooms. #3 - You give them access to all 5 rooms. Now, if your 'staff' fit #2, which I think will be the case, THEY SHOULD NOT BE ADMINS PERIOD! An admin is someone you can TRUST 100% PERIOD! And this is NOT my 'saying' either! Research above and you WILL SEE THIS! Even though I have been on this site pretty much from the very 1st month, which was a different website, most people know very little about me except that I do IT. For this one time, I am going to 'break my own rule' on this one thing. I KNOW your 'reasons' are FULL OF CRAP. You see, for about 2-3 years, I was the Head Admin on the WORLD'S LARGEST EPOCH SERVER. And you know what? I NEVER HAD TO DO ANYTHING TO THE SERVER OR DB! Nor did the 2 owners either! This server was about 95% of the time #1, and the other 5% of the time, it was #2. This server was 'Epoch Pro'. As a note; I also had a 98% 'satisfaction rating' from hundreds of users taking an 'anonymous survey' discussing the admins and the server itself which results can be provided to you. Why is it that we had 10,000+ players, 2 servers, and NEVER HAD AN ISSUES LIKE YOU DO??? WHY? Better yet, WHY DO YOU HAVE THEM? Your 'methods' are due to having 'children/immature/non-knowledgable' people 'at the helm'. THIS is why you 'have to do what you THINK you have to do'. No, you FIRE the 'ignorant' and get KNOWLEDGEABLE people. Thus, why I said all you NEED ARE TWO PEOPLE! You said "When one of the last Arma updates hit, I was out of the country and if my admin had no access then the whole thing would have been down for a week." This is because you did it YOUR WAY. Notice I said, I can access my server from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD! You can not! Hmmm...maybe...JUST maybe you should pay HEED to what I am offering you! Also in regards to that past statement "...When one of the last Arma updates hit...", did I NOT SAY, that ALL ARMA UPDATES CAN BE AUTOMATED EASILY??? Yes, I did say such...BEFORE YOU EVEN MENTIONED THEM! Then you offered up these 'golden nuggets': "...kick starts, or DB tweaks..." BOTH of these mean YOUR SERVER(S) ARE NOT SET UP PERIOD! You are SUPPOSED to do all your tweaking BEFORE GOING LIVE! And 'kick start'? Hmmm..I mentioned THAT ONE TOO! Mine is AUTOMATED! See, there is NOTHING you have mentioned that I have not ALREADY MENTIONED AND PROVIDED A SOLUTION FOR. The bottom line is the following: * - They are YOUR servers, you can do what ever you want. Your failure is benefit for me...and others. * - You have been shown thru various ways that your methods are 'antiquated' AT BEST. * - EVERYTHING you mentioned, TO ME, is NOTHING BUT AN EXCUSE! Because, I think EVERY ONE OF THEM, I addressed BEFORE YOU DID! And I said you can do it this way or that way...etc. * - You have not asked for any info on how to IMPROVE things, rather, you INSIST on sticking to 'doing business the old way', which IS YOUR RIGHT. Or saying it in another way, you have DEFENDED 'your way' as being 'the best', though THOUSANDS of professionals who know more than us, say OTHERWISE. * - Explain how I NEVER touch my server, BUT YOU HAVE TO! And your ways DO NOT NEED TO BE UPDATED/CHANGED?!?!?! Really??? Hmmm..I think they DO! * - While I may not be the 'best' at this and I do NOT claim to be, I do KNOW, that my ways ARE BETTER THAN YOURS! There is no shame in this, I KNOW you would put other people to shame as well! Be WISE and LEARN from me as well as from the info I have provided. If I can sit here and say I NEVER have to touch my server, why are you not saying 'I want that too!'? I know one reason why. Is it true in YOUR case? As I do not know you well, I can not say. ONE reason people act this way is because it is a CONTROL ISSUE. "I MUST MICROMANAGE EVERYTHING!" - So says the control freak! "...Micromanaging is one of the most damaging habits an executive can have. Teams get bogged down going through laborious procedures, and worse is the environment it generates..." - FORBES Mag. 6 Big Dangers Of Micromanagement * - And perhaps the MOST important item; EVERYTHING I STATED IS 100% FACTUAL. There should be NO DISCUSSION on ANYTHING if you TRULY wish to 'be your best and BE THE BEST you can be'. As I am a Christian, I shall leave you with some words of wisdom from King Solomon, who has been deemed the wisest man to ever walk the earth; by Godly people as well as UNGODLY people: Proverbs 1:25-26 And you neglected all my counsel And did not want my reproof; I will also laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your dread comes, Proverbs 12:15 The way of fools seems right to them, but the wise listen to advice. I am not 'angry' or anything, for it is YOU who will pay the price in the end, not I! So once again, good luck to you and the transfers! And I do truly mean that too!
  4. Z80CPU

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

    Hello @TroyT, As a network admin in real life at times, the REAL question is, if you must go to this length, they should NOT have access to the servers AT ALL. NO REAL business does this. When I was a network admin for the world-wide credit reporting company Equifax, I had to go thru a MAJOR background check for the past 10 years of my life, including such things as a credit check as well as any/all civil actions brought against me, because you see, my HANDS actually TOUCHED THE COMPUTERS HOUSING YOUR CREDIT SCORES. When I was a network admin for a company that handle almost 3000 hospitals and nursing homes in all 50 states in the US, I had to go thru a 7 year background, though unlike Equifax, there could NEVER be any issue of me 'stealing anything' from the hospitals. If you have to 'babysit' these people thru software - DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! THAT is the BEST OPTION! Second would be to limit their access thru Windows Policy Editor, WHICH IS FREE AND WORKS! (by using Remote Desktop or something like TeamViewer/UltraVNC (free and works GREAT). Using 'programs' CAN BE CIRCUMVENTED and are ALL THE TIME! For example, what would stop me from attaching to your server using SOME OTHER PROGRAM??? NOTHING! As long as I had the ARMA server password, that is all that is needed! Due to the number of servers you have, you should ONLY NEED 2 people 'admining' these servers. In my server's case, I NEVER have to 'admin it' EVERYTHING is 'controlled' by batch files/external programs. ARMA Crashes? It restarts. MySQL Crashes? It restarts. Server crashes, machine automatically reboots and ARMA starts automatically. I NEVER have to 'babysit' my server. Also, in the real world, this is ALSO HOW IT IS DONE. LESS HUMANS EQUAL MORE SECURE AND LESS ISSUES! If you have to 'babysit' it, your server is not setup properly. As stated, I NEVER had to do ANYTHING. EVERYTHING is backed up at EVERY BOOT! This includes ALL LOGS too! I would 're-think' how you wish to admin. For IN-GAME admining, now, THAT is a different story and this is the admin I was in real life (though I would build or assist in building new servers). There was NO HARDWARE ADMIN. Even places like where I was a 'hospital admin', ALL we handled was the SW. Our servers sat right next to Google's Data Center (same building) stuff...which ALSO HAD NO HW ADMINS (do note, the link is where they used to be and this was 10+ years ago too)! There is a HW issue, you know due to emails/other types of messages being sent to you. You can look at the attached pic, this is a screenshot from UltraVNC is what I use for my server. You can see all the batch files running at the bottom as wll as all logs and the DB back-ups. It CAN be done! My server is Win7, I REMOVED THE POS known as Win10 for my server! I spend < FIVE SECONDS every day on my server, and I really do not even have to do that! You can even have your server send you email messages about errors. when rebooting, etc. with NO EMAIL PROGRAM AND 100% AUTOMATED!!! (and free to boot!) See: SendMail There are also apps (at least for Android) that will alert you when your server 'goes off line' - FOR FREE! See HERE There are FREE VNC clients that will allow you to 'remote in' and take control of the actual PC like Teamviewer (clunky on Andriod). See: VNC Clients For Android Just install something like UltrAVNC server on the PC and you're ready to go! ALL FOR FREE! By using the above items, I can do ANYTHING to my server from ANYWHERE in the world where I have an internet connection. Also, one OTHER benefit by using UltraVNC, it REQUIRES NO SOFTWARE. You can connect via a VNC client OR via a browser as it has a BUILT-IN JAVA SERVER! @TroyT, I am afraid that you're making a LOT MORE WORK for yourself than is actually needed! For SW admining, use InfiSTAR. The best hands down and you CAN limit access with this program easily. Good luck on your transferring! PS - I did forget one thing. There is ONE thing that is NOT automated on my end, but could be, I elected NOT do it, that being mods/ARMA updates. As my server is about 1m from me, I just copy over any new updates from my PC to the server and I am done. There ARE methods for batch files that you can use to check for updates. I opted out as they run at every start up and can take 2-3 minutes. I did not want to have this much 'down time', though it is not that long. Making a 'zip file package' of any new mods, ONE admin could update ALL of your servers at ONE TIME . They/you would not even have to log into the server! Now THAT COULD be automated. In the sense you create the 'new update mod zip file', upload it via a batch file to every server, they AUTOMATICALLY see it and run it and update mods/keys as needed. It is not hard to do, actually it is pretty easy with NO ADDED PROGRAMS except your 'unzip' program. Or you upload it to ONE server and IT uploads to the other 5 servers, which would make it easier and MORE SECURE on/for you. Remember the old saying: Work SMARTER, NOT HARDER!
  5. Hello @TroyT, I was curious too, so I looked 'for a little bit'. I did not see one Exile server with them, though they say that they can 'do a game server'. The only thing I could say is look at all the MAJOR businesses and how they are using it. Amazon MUST have something going on and doing it right, for they are NOT the only 'business' like this around, and all the 'major players' are 'flocking' to Amazon. That does say something 'good' about them. I think you best bet would be to contact them and talk to them. Then work a deal (or what you can of a deal) and put ONE server and just see how it goes. And this 'deal' is, well, if you're their 'first' Exile server and you have that many you would port over, this is BIG ADVERTISEMENT for them, especially, if you say you would come on here and 'tell how good it is'... I think it would 'behoove' you to look into that....
  6. Z80CPU

    Not letting me join

    Hello @traew, Do this, find ANOTHER server that uses AT A MINIMUM, the same mods. Join it. Then watch what happens: If You Fail To Join, It Is On Your End (Corrupt PBO As An Example) If You CAN Connect, It Is The Other Server With Issues The above is a quick and dirty 'test' to see what is what. You also can 'verify' stuff via Steam, though that just might take longer than the above. BUT, the above tests YOU AND THE OTHER SERVER AT THE SAME TIME! Good luck!
  7. Hello @Mananator, In your mission folder, BY DEFAULT, you will see two files: InitPlayerLocal.Sqf and InitServer.Sqf. These are the 2 files where you add EVERYTHING that you want on the map. Do your research, as this question HAS BEEN ASKED BEFORE and the tools you need to do this are mentioned as well as there being a video on the use of one of the tools (at 1 time).
  8. Z80CPU

    Batch file issues

    @XcaptharlockX, @Imthatguyhere - I do believe that is correct. It has been so long I do not remember. And I THINK (as I have been using the '-par' for the mod list in a file), if you look at your RPT file, it will show you what it would look like with quotes in the proper place (at the very top). Since I use the '-par', I do not have this 'luxury' any longer. I would suggest you use that anyway (par file), it makes management a LOT easier. For example here (in part) you can see mine: arma3server.exe -par=C:\Games\Mods\Bat\ModList-v104.txt -config=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@ExileServer\config.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=SC -cfg=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@ExileServer\basic.cfg -name=SC -autoinit In the ModList.Txt, you would see this (in part): // Core Files -servermod=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@exileserver; -servermod=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@infiSTAR_Exile; -servermod=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@infiSTAR_TM; -servermod=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@A3XAI; // Required Server Mods By Server For Client Use -servermod=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@Advanced_Urban_Rappelling; -servermod=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@Advanced_Towing; // Required Player Mods -mod=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@CBA_A3; -mod=C:\Games\Mods\ServerMods\@exile; Yes, you would still have to remove SPACES, but it make management a LOT easier! If I had a new mod, I open that TXT file, add it to it, save it, then install the mod and I am done! There are several ways you can do this. While you CAN use the method @Imthatguyhere mentions, the problem that is NOT addressed is when you come to ADDRESSING THIS MOD. Such as in scripts. You WILL forget to put quotes around some silly line in some script, then wonder why it does not work! If you use the method(s) I mentioned...you WILL be happier in the end! You could liken this to entering a house. You COULD go thru the front door, OR dig a tunnel and come up thru the floor. BOTH will work, which is the EASIEST in the end though? REMEMBER! ALWAYS WORK SMARTER, NOT HARDER!
  9. Z80CPU

    increase character hitpoint?

    Good deal!
  10. Z80CPU

    Batch file issues

    @XcaptharlockX - What @Beowulfv stated, as you have found out is true. One thing though you CAN use mod names with spaces in them. It is 'tricky' to do it right, otherwise, if you screw it up, you will have what you had. Yes, you can do it - BUT NEVER DO IT! Save yourself time and trouble and do one of the following: #1 - 'Run the names together'; e.g 'Mod 1 Here' becomes 'Mod1Here' #2 - Use the underscore (_) character in place of the SPACE character; 'Mod 1 Here' becomes 'Mod_1_Here'. Use can actually use ANY alphanumeric symbol minus the SPACE character. #3 - Just give it a new name! e.g. 'Mod 1 Here' becomes 'Hello' The mod name is NOT important as long as the parameters for the mod match the folder name.
  11. Z80CPU

    Stucks on the ground and some beginner questions

    @Brenner - No, that mod does NOT work 100%. Even they said so: "player, vehicle, territories, construction, containers, and clan markers are unique to each map". Oh yes, you CAN just 'do it', but you will find your base on Altis to be under 50m of water of Tanoa!. You can NOT get around this. Also, your base might get dumped on top of base belonging to someone else. Or you spawn in and your 5k from land swimming in the ocean! It ALMOST impossible to do this as the terrain is NOT the same nor is the actual land size (mass). Just like you can NOT take a 'full' Altis map and dump it on Straits. That aint happening. It does sound nice and as I posted when he did, I have THOUGHT about it, I never DID IT, for the issues of land mass and terrain. It can NOT be done! Think about it...no, I really mean think about it. Land mass and different terrains make this basically impossible. You can NOT put 5 liters into an 1 liter bottle. It makes NO DIFFERENCE the size or shape of the bottles. Another example: Tanoa can support 10 bases @ 100m = 1000m in land mass used Altis has a land mass of 500m. How are you (or anyone) going to squeeze 1000m of bases into a 500m map that ONLY supports 5 bases at 100m? IT AINT HAPPENING! Then you got elevation issues too! Your base was level and flat, you go to the 'new' map, it is on a cliff with half of it overhanging with no floors! That mod author left out all the 'dirty stuff' that you can not do as any GOOD advertiser would do!
  12. Z80CPU

    Stucks on the ground and some beginner questions

    @KeonDisaster - #1 - When and where did I state you did not know how to install mods? And no, you do NOT know how to install mods! You THINK you do! The JSRS mod (and I even used this one in my example) DOES NOT GET INSTALLED PERIOD! No, you do NOT know what you're doing. And if you KNEW how to install mods as you claimed, why did you post this then "...did i need to do more..."? Well? If you KNEW how to install mods, that question would have NEVER BEEN ASKED! #2 - Your Exile install is trashed/not set up properly - Delete EVERYTHING, read and FOLLOW a server setup, which you can find on here. No one else has this problem including me. You have some messed up files/configs. Starting over is your best bet. Here is a GOOD starting point for you: https://exile.majormittens.co.uk/topic/23188-guide-server-installupgrade-guide-104/ #3 - Hitting a wall? Where was that tidbit of information listed in your original post? Not to sound rude, if you're from the USA or UK, you need to turn off your computer and LEARN ENGLISH. And I QUOTE "... getting hitted..." Not only is that EXTREMELY POOR ENGLISH, it also means the WALL HIT YOU! NOT YOU HITTING THE WALL! By not using proper English makes this harder that it should be. If YOU ARE HITTING SOMETHING, THERE IS SOMETHING THERE! It is something YOU PUT THERE, either thru the editor and/or a mod. Either way, it goes back to my points in #2. If you refuse proper advice, follow directions, and do nothing but make excuses and deny what you know/do not know, then I nor anybody else can help you. I have given you the tools to fix ALL OF YOUR PROBLEMS! And if I have missed something, you WILL FIND IT ON exile.majormittens.co.uk! Good luck to you.
  13. Z80CPU

    This Server does not support the mobile x8m app yet.

    Hello @KeonDisaster, As I have never seen someone with this issue, makes me think you have screwed up something somewhere. This behavior is NOT normal. I would advise you verify that you have set everything up correctly and check ALL logs. Do NOT say 'you have'. Reason being, none of us have this issue, it is on YOUR end. Sorry, this 'general' help is all I can provide.
  14. Thanks to you @Knocks and @John for this!