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  1. Brenner

    Exile torch or attach chemlight mod

    Here (scroll down to V2) you have @Shix XM8 apps with Player light app from @Johno
  2. Brenner

    Cant connect to the server

    As the error message indicates, you are missing some mods It took exactly less than a minute to type 7y_decals.pbo to google and find the mod to which it belongs to.
  3. Brenner

    problem loadout

    this is your problem and the solution: plus you cant use x64 with extdb2.
  4. Brenner

    Loot Compiler

    have you tried to compare compiled file with the original?
  5. Brenner

    auto run stuttering

    it is the original Exile file from @Exile\addons\exile_client.pbo\code\ExileClient_system_process_postInit.sqf
  6. everything you need for success
  7. Brenner

    10 Million Locker
  8. Brenner

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    @GenghisKhan it is a common issue with copying code from forum or other sources that don't display it in text only format. Use this on the file
  9. Brenner

    auto run stuttering

    That is the version that is available on Steam, where did you get your Exile mod?
  10. Brenner

    auto run stuttering
  11. Brenner

    Database not deleting base objects after flag removal

    If you are deleting a flag manually from db, I think you also need to delete the objects and vehicles manually. In theory (haven't been looking at files so I am not 100% sure) there is a check which checks if the territory "rent has been payed, and if not it deletes the flag and all the base objects and virtual garage vehicles after the time specified in config, but I don't know if there is any check, that checks if the flag exists in db, and deletes the objects and vehicles if it doesn't. Probably it would require a a custom override + addition to your exile.ini for such cases.
  12. Brenner

    Arma 3 Console Stuck at Gameport / Queryport

    solution is quite simple, follow this guide: Everything that is needed for successful setup is included in the package
  13. Brenner

    Connecting to a server

    It is good that you shared the solution for others that will have the same issue ;p
  14. Brenner

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    I can verify that this is not FuMS issue, because such things don't happen on my FuMS server. With a good weapon and with a good shot you can one shot them easily.
  15. Brenner

    Database wont Connect with Server (extDB3)

    got dll's in place?