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  1. @Old Man Tim Thansk very much I will look into that Addon much appreciated for pointing me in the right direction.
  2. @hogansheroes You have not even read my post as your reply is nothing related to it. Secondly I apologise for posting in the incorrect forum please let me know where this should be posted as I am asking about mods and peoples knowledge if they know a mod is out there ? Come on lets be more positive in a slow forum and not be so dismissive.
  3. I have been on a few servers were you actually put the components you want inside a concrete mixer and it then churns out a building, does anybody know the name of this or have its web address please ? Also is there a mod to allow to craft items from vehicle inventory ? All of the above is we are trying to ensure the larger items require a lot more components to build, but obviously it comes to a stage when you can not carry all the items, so a cement mixer or vehicle for containing the crafting items would work. Thanks in advance.
  4. Smashy

    Extended Items Exile - Add new Blue Prints

    @Knocks You can just copy our file from steam its in testing but working. Just check in the pbo everything you need is there.
  5. Smashy

    Extended Items Exile - Add new Blue Prints

    I was not too far off with my original attempt but the code was in the wrong place, it can not be placed in the exileserverconfig - config.cpp. In the end we have made a custom (Tiny) mod for our server with all of the blueprints we wanted.
  6. The extended items Mod for Exile has Blueprints, and I am hoping to add my own blueprints to the server as well. I have found all of the code within the mod to change and create the blueprints but this will change the mod itself which is a big no no. I have searched for a lot of hours for anything relating to how to create an item in arma 3 or exile and found one video :- (maybe my googling is not so good). From what I have seen I was under the impression I could amend the config.cpp in exileserverconfig and add the following code. class CfgPatches { class exile_server_config { requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {}; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; magazines[] = {"Exitem_blueprint_test_item"}; // AD added 1 item in here. ammo[] = {}; }; }; // AD added new cfg class here for magazines (objects usables). class CfgMagazines { class CA_Magazine; // class Exile_AbstractItem : CA_Magazine { scope = protected; mass = 1; descriptionShort = "Dummy"; displayName = "Dummy"; count = 1; class Interactions {}; model = "\exile_assets\model\Dummy.p3d"; picture = "\exile_assets\texture\item\Dummy.paa"; }; class Exitem_blueprint_test_item : Exile_AbstractItem { displayName = "Test Item Blueprint"; mass = 2; scope = public; picture = "\exitems\images\blueprint.paa"; model = "\A3\Structures_F_EPC\Items\Documents\Document_01_F.p3d"; descriptionShort = "This is a blueprint for a test item."; }; }; Upon running the server there are no errors no problems at all, but also no item is available to me either. If anybody coudl point me to a good reference for inserting objects into Arma 3 Exile or just point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Smashy

    Crafting Recipes with Optional items

    Its not quite so simple, its not just the crafting code it then needs to go through to Brama and other things they will all need to change to read the system. The config I copied above showed a base of how it could be implemented not obviously the final scripting for how Exile would handle it. Any how total diverging I had to explain what I was looking for to see if it existed at all already and if you dont know of any mod or thing which can do this already then I doubt very much there is one considering your knowledge on servers. Cheers for posting much appreciated.
  8. Smashy

    Crafting Recipes with Optional items

    Hey @BaroN, yep fine for simple stuff but lets be creative. 4 x toilet paper 2 x cloth 4 x wankmags (better prisoner?) 3 recipes to create the same thing. Now how about using all them lovely new items the fruit say to make a fruit drink, many different concoctions could be made with 1 recipe with some clauses to produce a drink allowing the use of so many items which are just plain useless. Currently working on a survival server our recipes file is currently 10,000 lines of code and growing. With so many duplicates or variants of the same item which would drastically reduce the file size and make it easier to manage. e.g. class CraftDirtyBandage : Exile_AbstractCraftingRecipe { name = "Craft Dirty Bandage Paper"; pictureItem = "Exitem_bandage_dirty"; returnedItems[] = { {1, "Exitem_bandage_dirty"} }; components[] = { [ {4, "Exile_Item_ToiletPaper"}, {2, "Exitem_cloth"}, {2, "Exitem_betterprisoner"} ] }; category = "Medical"; }; I dont want them to re-write the whole system I am wondering if something does exist. But any one with sense can see adding in an array item which all items within are optional you can big complex recipes with multiple ways to make things. Just a thought.
  9. Just a quick query and if it does not exist will put it into suggestions. The recipe system is excellent but would be greatly improved if possible using the current system if it would allow optional items within a recipe thus reducing the number of recipes required in the cook book. i.e. Craft Bandage use either 4 x toilet Paper or 2 x Cloth Scraps. instead of 2 recipes it could be in the scripting that there is an either or statement. Does anybody know if something like this exists already for Exile at all ?
  10. Smashy

    Exile torch or attach chemlight mod

    @Brenner Thank you very much thats excellent I found the code and its how I thought, much appreciated that is really helpful.
  11. I am looking for a basic torch Mod or attach chemlight Mod to help improve the immersion on our server with out incorporating ACE3. I have found lots of dead links and mention of Mod's but they seem to have gone, does anyone know of a current script for the chem lights ? @kuplion has referenced a script he used but I cant find any history of it at all. I have found a Steam basic flashlight mod and will test it, but would really love to see chemlights have a good use and add more atmosphere. Thanks for any feedback/suggestions.