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  1. kuplion

    Crafting Recipes with Optional items

    Yes you could do this with a handful of overrides. No you shouldn’t do it because it’s far easier to just create multiple recipes.
  2. kuplion

    Territory size

    Whilst we may be able to troubleshoot, General Discussion is not the place to do so. As above I would advice that you speak with the server owners first and determine the behaviour is not in fact a feature of that particular server.
  3. kuplion

    Adding CUP mods

    General Discussion is not for support. Post in the correct forum please.
  4. Speak to the server owners.
  5. kuplion

    Get Vehicle Owner's UID from DB

    Moved to a more appropriate forum.
  6. kuplion

    10 Million Locker

    General Discussion is not for support.
  7. kuplion

    Item - how only possible to sell, but not to buy

    This is the correct way to do it. You can also assign a sellPrice like the example above to save you from having to double the price (because all buy prices are halved when selling back unless you have a sellPrice set).
  8. kuplion

    Help With Persistent Vehicle Spawns

    General Discussion is not for support.
  9. kuplion

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

    Well I think that well and truly killed this thread so I'm going to lock it now before it inevitably explodes..
  10. kuplion

    Looking for HC server(first person only)

    Open server browser, filter by Exile mod and keywords that meet your criteria. We don’t recommend servers here, I’m afraid.
  11. kuplion

    Exile militirized Eu?

    Locked. Search in the servers section (link at the top) for a server you would find suitable.
  12. kuplion

    Player having issues joining server

    General Discussion is not for support issues.
  13. kuplion

    Fix combat storing for Virtual Garage.

    I disagree. Changing the variable in the config still doesn’t take into account the Boolean being reversed in the function. Fixing the variable and Boolean in the function is definitely preferable.
  14. kuplion

    A3XAI updated?

    Exactly how it tells you to in the setup guide.
  15. kuplion

    Fix combat storing for Virtual Garage.

    Lightweight, maybe. But definitely not the proper way to do it.