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    Today we would like to introduce a new series in our Devblog: Community Spotlights. As we are currently in the "Community is King" phase, we are opening our framework for new modding teams to base upon Exile to create something new or completely different. Please note that these teams work completely independent from us core developers.

    This very first entry in our Community Spotlight series is fully dedicated to the "Exile Life" modification, which takes the Exile scenery into a completely new roleplay environment. The team working on Exile Life has served us with some information about their project, which we would like to show here.


    20 years after the start of the EXILE, a handful of the original inmates are still alive on the island. Using their knowledge of the island, these inmates sought to control it, forming four gangs: the Cartel, the Mafia, the Syndicate, and the Yakuza. Once NATO leaders received word of the power struggle, they saw a chance to bolster the ongoing war effort against CSAT. Quickly and quietly, they moved a private security force to the island. These guards' mission: to control the island and start export the islands resources using inmates as labour.

    You are a fresh inmate, processed by the courts and shipped straight to EXILE. You have a choice: live a life of solitude under the radar, or pledge your life to a gang. Running away from the protection of the gangs may seem the more lucrative option. But be warned, the guards can only patrol so much of the island, and putting one step in the wrong territory could end your life.

    The life of a gang member, on the other hand, requires strength, perseverance, and loyalty. Your gang is your family, shelter, job, and above all else, your protection. Prove your worth to your gang and you will find your place in its hierarchy. However, even in families, power comes at a cost and you may find that the only way to raise yourself above the rest is to remove them by force. Just remember that loyalty is rewarded, but a poorly-planned betrayal will lead to a punishment worse than death.

    Welcome to Exile Life.











    Be sure to follow the Exile Life Team on Twitter. You can also post questions and feedback in the comment section.


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    Na endlich kann man EXILE mit Zombies und RP daddeln! :rock:

    Very good News. When this Mod is on release: The Walking Dead like Experience Servers incooooming! I will love it! :D

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    3 hours ago, C4BooS3 said:


    well yous got me hooked :D now you have to deliver :P 

    Whoa whoa whoa, I'm just the 3D artist...I only make things pretty.. Don't put that evil on me Ricky Bobby

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    I would like to see this have taxation system to traders that only sell items that is sold to them by other players as well, having everything available in trader and unlimited QTY reduces player interaction, or at least trading which is an added fun of the game in my humble opinion .

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    Nice to hear you say this because we agree! Our traders do have taxes placed upon them by their overlords -- guard boss and gang bosses. If u have a nice boss he will charge less tax, have a money hungry boss and it may be pricey!

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    This new mode, you release it before the end of this year? Preferably for Christmas? :)

    On ‎17‎/‎09‎/‎2016 at 4:23 PM, Eichi said:

    I am personally very excited to watch how Exile can turn into something completely new! <3

    @Eichi Are there other fraction as BLUEFOR, Opfor? There will you pick things like Legal or forbidden things? These are all questions I ask myself.

    I'm looking forward to playing it...

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    10 minutes ago, Eichi said:

    I do not know that, since I am not involved in this project.

    I'm apart of the project and I don't even know the complete answer to that.(cause I just make the models) lol BUT what you @M-RYS can do is jump the discord and throw a question and one of the smart peoples will answer your question :D




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