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eXpochClient_FREE_vectorBuilding Q & E Issue

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I have this script on my server, works for me flawlessly.. But every now and then a player will not be able to get the Q & E to rotate while snapping, if I am added to the base to build I can with no issues? Anyone know what could be causing them issues so I can help them correct it?

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Maybe, if using:

class infiSTAR_blocked_glitch_actions {
		if a player is near a flag where he has no buildrights, he can't use the listed inputs close to buildingparts (to prevent glitching!)
	block_glitch_actions_enabled = "true";

	inputs[] = {"GetOver","leanLeft","leanLeftToggle","leanRight","leanRightToggle","LookAround","LookAroundToggle",

	/* this should also be enabled to prevent freelook (people simply use it to sneak through walls..) */
	block_ALT_key = "true";
	block_ALT_key_all = "true";	// also blocking ALT key for the Territory owner (so they can't peak through walls to defend easier)


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