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  1. geekm0nkey

    [TOOL] Online Trader Inflation

    I put it back online.
  2. geekm0nkey

    [TOOL] Online Trader Inflation

    that's correct.
  3. geekm0nkey

    [release] deploy a mozzie

    Works for me, no need to add it to trader (I didn't have too..)
  4. geekm0nkey

    [Release] Prevent Low Level Raiding!

    Links all work for me?
  5. geekm0nkey

    [RELEASE] NoMo Trees

    Looks correct.
  6. geekm0nkey

    [Release] PVP Map Markers

    I have updated the original post, added an exclusion config option. Just add anyone's steam ID you don't want to track.
  7. geekm0nkey

    [Release] PVP Map Markers

    Comment out the lines that have pvp map markers active! Those should be the toast lines.
  8. geekm0nkey

    [RELEASE] NoMo Trees

    I don't use extDB3 (never really saw the benefit) but my changes should work in any existing overwrite you have that use the extDB3 protocol.
  9. geekm0nkey

    [RELEASE] NoMo Trees

    You are correct, let me update the original post, I later determined that, the insert overwrite was not necessary as when created, the notrees field auto populates with 0 "as it should". Also the createterritory change for the INI is also no longer necessary.
  10. geekm0nkey

    [Release] PVP Map Markers

    May try to add this... Basically would add a check for an admins steam id and skip them.
  11. geekm0nkey

    [RELEASE] NoMo Trees

    Been a while... But here is a very simple addition. What this does is give the admins an easy way to remove trees/bushes etc from a players territory without having to modify an SQF file and upload their mission again, as it's all handled at the database level. All you have to do is edit the record for any territory and change the last field [notrees] (to be added below) to a number other than 0. Setting this number to 1, will clear all trees/bushes etc to the radius the territory is currently set for. Any number higher than 1, will clear all trees/bushes etc to that range in meters. Easy.. Installation 1st - SQL additions to the territory table. ALTER TABLE `territory` ADD `notrees` tinyint NOT NULL DEFAULT '0'; 2nd - Override/Overwrite [won't explain how that's done, hopefully you know how that works by now.] ExileServer_system_territory_database_load.sqf 3rd - Exile.ini change. [Find the following section and replace it completely with one given below] That's all, by default the notrees will all be set to 0, if a player wants to clear out trees/bushes just set it to a number other than 0 as described above. A few benefits to doing things this way.. 1st, should a base be removed or deleted, the trees are put back automatically, 2nd, should you not want players to put flags inside of trees? just set the default value in the SQL to 2, and now no flags in trees.
  12. geekm0nkey

    [RELEASE] CHOPPRAstats - Detailed PVP Stats Webpage

    I just have the default ones that @Rollo provided. But in theory any SQL result can be turned into a billboard.
  13. geekm0nkey

    [RELEASE] CHOPPRAstats - Detailed PVP Stats Webpage

    I like a few others couldn't get this to work at first. DB was correct, the overwrite was correct and the exile.ini was updated.. Yet no DB updates on kills and oddly no error messages. I finally figured out what was missing that made this not work.. First I'll share all the minor changes I made and the overall fix. Here is my SQL. I change the 'time' field to populate the date on record creation at the db side, not the script side. Here is a copy of my kill feed overwrite which is a modified version @kuplion created. Added reference to zombie kills, if you use them. Here is the exile.ini that ended up fixing my issue.. Turns out you need to have the line "Number of Inputs = 7" added. Also took out the time stamp entry as i moved that to be created by the DB. Hope this helps anyone else who couldn't initially get this working..
  14. geekm0nkey

    [SOLVED] Vehicle Flip is a self destruct button

    Down side to that is, allows anyone to flip a player vehicle "with" them in it even if its right side up which will then turn off the engine? Still would like to figure out a way to let only the owner do this. So far no luck.
  15. geekm0nkey

    [SOLVED] Vehicle Flip is a self destruct button

    Ill look into those suggestions, didn't know about the towing trick, ill let them know that as well. but i also want to try the following to see if it will work, basically check to see if it's the vehicle owner and just shuts the engine off just prior to the flip. Haven't tested yet, as I'm at work, but will ask a player.. My last attempt i think made the if statement too complex, so making the suggestion @Z80CPU offered and just turning off the engine first may help.