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Where is Exile's music located?

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Hi, i posted a topic in here a while ago but i now have a question, where abouts is the music located for exile (CfgExileMusic) things like ambient sounds, combat and loading screen audio since im wishing to add my own music and people have said it needs to be located inside you mission pbo so players can download it which i fully understand but since my server will only be me and a few friends then i can edit anything so i was just wondering where the music is located usually since in the config.cpp there is no file path just a filename which to me seems like it is located inside the mission pbo but where abouts? In the assets of the @Exile folder i know there are music tracks but they do not have the same names as the ones called by the config.

Thanks for any help!

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found this so thought I would post it here:


_cfg = configFile >> "cfgSounds";
for "_i" from 0 to (count _cfg) - 1 do { _sounds = getArray (configfile >> "CfgSounds" >> configName (_cfg select _i) >> "sound");
diag_log format ["%1", _sounds select 0];};

copy into console in editor to list all sounds to your rpt file

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