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  1. just make the list 1 of each: //create possible difficulty add more of one difficulty to weight it towards that _PossibleDifficulty = [ "easy", "moderate", "difficult", "hardcore" ]; that makes all difficulties the same chance which is the same as random, using random could bugger things up
  2. for some reason DMS shows the error even when working, it doesn't actually affect anything but to turn off mines in the missions you need to find _MineChance1 (and there may also be _MineChance2 in some missions) in the mission files and replace chance with -1 like this: _RocketChance = -1; // no rockets on easy - this overrides DMS config _MineChance1 = -1; // no mines on easy - this overrides DMS config this is because I override the main DMS mine settings here: if (_RocketChance >= (random 100)) then { _temp = DMS_ai_use_launchers; DMS_ai_use_launchers = true; // Turn on launchers - ignore DMS-Config _temp2 = DMS_ai_use_launchers_chance; DMS_ai_use_launchers_chance = 100; // %chance already done so ignore DMS-Config _logLauncher = "1"; // Test logging, can turn off } else { _temp = DMS_ai_use_launchers; DMS_ai_use_launchers = false; // Turn off launchers - ignore DMS-Config _temp2 = DMS_ai_use_launchers_chance; DMS_ai_use_launchers_chance = 0; // %chance already done so ignore DMS-Config _logLauncher = "0"; // Test logging, can turn off }; setting to -1 means it will never get a chance to have mines, rather than removing code which you may want later to turn them back on easily
  3. red_ned

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    adding code to make more loot variables in the actual DMS configs is a bit tricky, you would need to build the function file, add the function to DMS then call the function in each mission you want to use it. the code I gave earlier to the other question asked does allow for you to set a % chance and also a min/max setting per item and add it onto the already loaded crate (in theory as I haven't tested it for myself) and you can drop the code into any mission and would give you -> standard loot + DMS special loot (_rareLootChance) + Extra special loot. I have put a load off code help on my GitHub to try to help but it isn't a complete help as I usually add things as I come across them
  4. red_ned

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    that DMS? if it is then just use the littlebird mission all you need to do is make a copy of the file for each vehicle type and rename them, 1. Change mission names and markers: // define start messages with difficulty choice _msgStart = ['#FFFF00',format["A heli has landed at a small %1 bandit base. Go kill them and steal the heli!",_difficulty]]; // Define Mission Win message defined in persistent choice // Define Mission Lose message _msgLOSE = ['#FF0000',"The attackers flew off and the base escaped attack."]; // Define mission name (for map marker and logging) _missionName = "Heli Steal"; 241 // define start messages with difficulty choice 242 _msgStart = ['#FFFF00',format["A heli has landed at a small %1 bandit base. Go kill them and steal the heli!",_difficulty]]; 243 244 // Define Mission Win message defined in persistent choice 245 246 // Define Mission Lose message 247 _msgLOSE = ['#FF0000',"The attackers flew off and the base escaped attack."]; 248 249 // Define mission name (for map marker and logging) 250 _missionName = "Heli Steal"; mission win message is here as it requires entry code: 207 // is %chance greater than random number 208 if (_VehicleChance >= (random 100)) then { 209 _pinCode = (1000 +(round (random 8999))); 210 _vehicle = [_VehicleClass,[(_pos select 0) -30, (_pos select 1) -30],_pinCode] call DMS_fnc_SpawnPersistentVehicle; 211 _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',format ["Convicts killed everyone and made off with the heli, entry code %1...",_pinCode]]; 212 } else 213 { 214 _vehicle = [_VehicleClass,[(_pos select 0) -30, (_pos select 1) -30, 0]] call DMS_fnc_SpawnNonPersistentVehicle; 215 _msgWIN = ['#0080ff',"Convicts killed everyone and made off with the heli."]; 216 }; change list of possible vehicles: 184 //create possible vehicle list 185 _PossibleVehicleClass = [ 186 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Blue", 187 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Red", 188 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_ION", 189 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_BlueLine", 190 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Digital", 191 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Elliptical", 192 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Furious", 193 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_GrayWatcher", 194 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Jeans", 195 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Light", 196 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Shadow", 197 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Sheriff", 198 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Speedy", 199 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Sunset", 200 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Vrana", 201 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Wasp", 202 "Exile_Chopper_Hummingbird_Civillian_Wave" 203 ]; you can change any other parameters you like to tweak just make sure you call the missions by their file name (no .sqf) in the DMS config file alongside all the others e.g. DMS_BanditMissionTypes = [ ["missionHeli1", 10], ["missionHeli2",50] …….. etc
  5. red_ned

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    _missionObjs is not a way to call up things, its a way to clean up after as it just looks at what is in the list there and removes something like this should work for you add to private[] -> "_SpecialChance", "_SpecialList" add into difficulty variables _SpecialChance = 60; //%chance for this to happen _SpecialList = [["itemname1",0,1],["itemname2",0,1]]; // items, min, max add special if chance great enough - probably after _crate_loot_values1 lines to add onto whatever is in the crate and don't use clear crate so this adds onto whatever you already loaded into the crate if (_SpecialChance >= (random 100)) then { { _item = _x select 0; _amount = _x select 1; _randomAmount = _x select 2; _amount = _amount + (random _randomAmount); _itemType = _x call BIS_fnc_itemType; if((_itemType select 0) == "Weapon") then {_crate addWeaponCargoGlobal [_item, _amount];}; if((_itemType select 0) == "Magazine") then {_crate addMagazineCargoGlobal [_item, _amount];}; if((_itemType select 0) == "Item") then {_crate addItemCargoGlobal [_item, _amount];}; if((_itemType select 0) == "Equipment") then {_crate addItemCargoGlobal [_item, _amount];}; if((_itemType select 0) == "Backpack") then {_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal [_item, _amount];}; }forEach _SpecialList; } else { };
  6. Releasing this main DMS static mission pack for Napf (map specific) 11 Static DMS missions for Napf Map. Features include: a3_custom file loading of main mapping with full PBO and settings - allowing simple objects (better FPS) and enableSimulationGlobal for active lighting and doors etc Mission start mapping of blockades etc Fully randomised AI numbers, difficulty and reinforcements Fully commented missions for ease of adjustment Some paratroop reinforcements, support vehicles including air and land Possible minefields per mission Included server-side markers and mapping for bridges which can aid in missions. Slightly smaller island missions with 1 crate and less AI Camp Audacity Mission Camp Bravery Mission Camp Courage Mission Camp Fortitude Mission Larger castle/church missions with extra mapping on castles to fortify Froburg Castle Mission Homburg Castle Mission Napf Castle Mission Muttenz Church Mission Larger island missions with 2 crates Occupied Island Mission - with paratroopers and AI heli Oil Island Mission - with bridge and markers Stranded Bandits Mission I am releasing it all as I am not sure how much longer I will keep my Napf server up due to player decline and may either give up or move onto another map. The pack does consist of most of the best ways (I think) of doing things so server-side markers and bridges can help protect your work etc and using 2 ways of calling objects (server load, mission start) with simple and complex mapping to allow for minimal server stress (not every object needs to be interactive e.g. walls as it just adds load to server) and using everything I learned about mapping loading, DMS AI and mission randomisation. These missions have been live on my server for a year or more so you can always pop over and see some of them. Instructions and full images on GitHub so wont bother with most of those here. Download: (Napf/Napf full mission pack) Big up to @Pradatoru for load of mapping with me (especially those damn bridges!) Hope you enjoy the missions ned
  7. red_ned

    [Use red_neds missions]

    nice, congrats
  8. red_ned

    [Use red_neds missions]

    possibly, try editing the map config in DMS and play with DMS_MinDistFromWestBorder DMS_MinDistFromEastBorder DMS_MinDistFromSouthBorder DMS_MinDistFromNorthBorder you may be able to adjust the borders to include the island then you may also need to reduce the distance to water (if the island isn't big enough) DMS_WaterNearBlacklist you may then also need to add a few circles of blacklisting to stop odd spawns (may be ok without this one but you never know) DMS_findSafePosBlacklist all map configs are in the DMS PBO a3_dms\map_configs\name_map.sqf not 100% sure this will work but in theory it should
  9. red_ned

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    @Bob_the_K Big question: SQM and SQF use slightly different variations SQM = X,Z,Y SQF = X,Y,Z DMS using DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E ["Land_Cargo_House_V4_F",[0,15,0],0] ["item",[x,y,z],rotation] but this is relative to the centre point of the mission as its used in Bandit missions the most so +0, +15, +0, pointing north using DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_3DEN_Static ["Land_Trench_01_grass_F",[10998.5,11806.3,220.408],[[-0.996528,0.0832604,0],[0,0,1]],[false,false]] Is the same as using custom PBO to load but DMS takes care of the processing lines: private _objects = [ ["Land_Trench_01_grass_F",[10998.5,11806.3,220.408],[[-0.996528,0.0832604,0],[0,0,1]],[false,false]] ]; { private _object = (_x select 0) createVehicle [0,0,0]; _object setPosASL (_x select 1); _object setVectorDirAndUp (_x select 2); _object enableSimulationGlobal ((_x select 3) select 0); _object allowDamage ((_x select 3) select 1); } forEach _objects; ["createVehicle",[setPosASL],[[setVectorDirAndUp]],[enableSimulationGlobal,allowDamage]] > [-0.996528,0.0832604,0],[0,0,1] = [VectorDir], [VectorUP] I find that i need to export my mapping via @m3e_3den for DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E_3DEN_Static but use @m3editor export for AI positions and calculating DMS_fnc_ImportFromM3E. I recently moved some of my map markers from the SQM to load in the custom PBO (so i could release a simpler map pack for my new Napf missions) marker looked like this in SQM class Item29 { dataType = "Marker"; position[] = {2319.42, 0.0, 3559.26}; name = "South_West_Bridge"; markerType = RECTANGLE; type = "rectangle"; colorName = "ColorGrey"; alpha = 0.904549; a = 30.0; b = 800.0; angle = 50.756; id = 29; atlOffset = 88.1007; }; But looked like this in SQF server-side PBO _SWbridgeMarker = createMarker ["South_West_Bridge", [2319.42,3559.26,0]]; _SWbridgeMarker setMarkerShape "RECTANGLE"; _SWbridgeMarker setMarkerSize [30,800]; _SWbridgeMarker setMarkerDir 50.756; _SWbridgeMarker setMarkerColor "ColorGrey"; _SWbridgeMarker setMarkerAlpha 0.904549; _SWbridgeMarker setMarkerText "South_West_Bridge"; _SWbridgeMarker setMarkerType "RECTANGLE"; hope that helps a little
  10. red_ned

    Question about AI Gear, and Rewards

    try using just this in the VEMF config as it may need to call a file which has the correct formatting looking at how VEMF calls its custom config these days
  11. I am building the package at the moment for the full mission pack as I am going to release my entire Napf DMS missions. Napf castle will be included once I finish the package as it takes time to write all the instructions etc, forgot I pushed the almost empty folder to GitHub sorry. Will post new thread once I finish and release.
  12. no, all DMS bandit missions should work without issue on any map as long as you have the correct DMS settings in the main config and I didn't use anything that wasn't default ARMA or EXILE so theres no mods used in there
  13. red_ned

    Help me pls I can't join server

    post RPT in a paste bin url and also check the DB error files and post
  14. red_ned

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    @Anhor and @ausHaus yes you are correct there is a general fault on static mission timeout, I did see there was a fix for it somewhere around but I haven't got round to trying it out yet (although pushed onto one of my servers for testing), I have files but cant remember who or where it was posted
  15. red_ned

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    I always meant to correct this but its such a pain in the bum to get time to do, someone donated one or more of the RHS folders, plus I may have pushed one folder by mistake while trying to recover after losing 3 years of work but yes rhs original 2 mods were split into weapons and vehicles rather than the 2 mods separately. I will try to do it at some point unless someone already has the files I can merge into it