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  1. hogansheroes

    Is Discord good enough for Exile community threads?

    That would be a great idea if it could happen, atleast we all have somewhere to go get all our arma 3 files from, and since the post has been put up about leaving at the end of july no one has been posting or asking for help as to why bother, thinking arma3 exile is going down hill.
  2. hogansheroes

    Is Discord good enough for Exile community threads?

    I think what they dont realise, if exile forums go down arma 3 exile will follow. This is where players will find other games to play. if exile have the donations say this time 530.00 EUR of 100.00 EUR so are the funds going towards the website to keep it aliive, and im just saying
  3. hogansheroes

    Is Discord good enough for Exile community threads?

    can always hit up https://forums.bohemia.net/forums to keep it going instead of discord
  4. hogansheroes

    Is Discord good enough for Exile community threads?

    Makes you wonder as this exile has been going strong , then all of a sudden CLOSING and going to discord. Some people wont want to go to discord but rather stay with a forum where its easy to search the contents in what you need for a server.
  5. Tobe honest you dont need a mod to do crafting, as this can be done just though exile itself, but if you do want to do more then just the exile components this is when you use the premade walls, floors etc like extended base mod. Then again some servers do'nt use them as its surpose to be a survival server. Goodluck in your search
  6. hogansheroes

    Infistar Global Ban

    https://infistar.de/eng/index go there and explain why your ban should be removed as we dont do global bans here
  7. You can change the way of the crafting recipes but this is a client side where the owner of the server needs to adjust it. And next time post into the correct area please
  8. hogansheroes

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    Most of everything is ajustable to suit your server, for the heli just replace with another and that will solve that issue, and yes the issues with some helis have been posted on forums, not to mention some of the vics with the lights out of the light sockets and so on. So if you come across some of these vehicles dont add them to the trader shop and remove from all mission. Hope this helps.
  9. hogansheroes

    [SOLVED] Trader AI missing

    looking through your initplayer seems ok to me unless there is a missing coma somewhere, so all the trader objects are showing but for the trader guys they are not. Would you like to show a screen shot of one of your traders.
  10. hogansheroes


    Hey guys im trying to add the destroyer with the "B_SAM_System_01_F B_AAA_System_01_F B_Ship_Gun_01_F to the altis mission.sqm so here is my destroyer mission.sqm from the editor and here is my altis mission.sqm so what im trying to do is implement the destroyer mission.sqm into the altis one, without using the tanoa setup can you add this to altis mission.sqm and how.
  11. have you installed it correctly and what map are you using for the zombies. and on a side note I'm not getting any zombies spawning in any of my towns?....is something you dont put on the forums without yoiu trying things first and with rpt reports so we can see why there are no zeds.
  12. Did you ever figure out how to get more than one carrier catapults to work?

  13. Most of the time there is never a readme file to understand in how to install it correctly, maybe that why people dont use them. In saying this ill give it ago to see if i can get it working later on.
  14. hogansheroes

    I want to translate

    Goto your friend mr google he helps alot of people, also this is not the correct place to post such thing about translate without searching for it first