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I've been server hopping for a while now and cant really find one that really makes me happy. So, screw it, I want to have my own server running my own mods!

I would like to keep the cost as cheap as possible, and would prefer a server running on a dedicated PC rather than a actual "server".

where's the point of diminishing returns, or the point where I can get decent performance without throwing money away?

I'm not knowledgeable on the whole server thing, but I've got 2 friends on board with the idea as well.


what parts would I need? I would only need a server capable of hosting 30 ish slots but 40-60 would be nice.

include models & prices pls

my internet specs:


Ping: 20 ms

Down: 45-50 Mbps

Up: 5.8 - 6 mbps


Also I wouldn't be opposed to keeping the server at one of the above mentioned friend's houses, considering their internet service is likely better than my own and they would be contributing cost wise and to maintaining it.

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Intel i7-6700K

16Go DDR4 its enough

SSD Harddrive

but i think with ur bandwith u can run a 30 players server 'not sure 100% maybe more maybe less :)"

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