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Best specs for a server?

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I'm looking at renting a new server from ovh(the best value for money hosting company I found) and have a choice between a 20 core xeon which runs at 2.6ghz and a 4 core i7 which runs at 4.7ghz. Before everyone jumps on the more ghz is better bandwagon I did some tests and found that when I gave my server more cores 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 and then used the HT cores on my current box the server FPS increased by around 3.5 for each core I gave it. The server uses all the CPU resources I throw at it because it is full pop. This seems to fly in the face of all that I have read about arms only using at Max 2 cores and never more than 4 so I am now tempted by the 20 core. Why is this so? Would it make more sense to go with the 20 core and offset the speed drop with more cores?

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If you are struggling running your server on a 4790k you need to look at optimising your scripts and mods you use and/or reducing your player cap and AI count.

Also, I don't know what map you run but from my experience Tanoa runs like a fucking turd in comparison to other maps (Altis/Chernarus/Napf/Namalsk etc), so that's another thing to consider.

As a comparison my Cherno server runs about 10-15fps faster than the Tanoa server with double the AI and the same number of players.

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@1Vincent Van Goat

Your 4790k is perfect for run Arma 3 serveur for the hight frequency.

My recommandation to you is to set affinity tread in your task manager.

You dedicated the 4 first tread to the Arma 3 server and the 4 last to all the rest of the app you run on your server (including MySQL).

Like that you have 4 clean tread just work for your server and the first tread have more hight frequency than the last one, you gonna gain 20%-25% more performance like that. 

And you set the priority to hight by default.

Probably you have a app monopoliz your CPU by intermitence and that make your CPU unstable.

Let me know if that help you.

See the link for more infos.





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