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  1. tinboye

    Autoinit is supported only for persistent missions!

    edit your server.cfg/config.cfg file and make sure you have a line that says persistent=1
  2. tinboye

    Need help with missing } error

    if you have notepad++ there is a brackets check addon that helps sometimes with that. If you pm me the code i can run it through the addon and see if it finds anything. If there are includes in the file, it may be 1 of those files as well.
  3. tinboye

    [Release] Steam Workshop Downloader

    yes, i actually just was playing with the batch file so i could install the forest dedicated server. so i have modified a couple things. you will see here ::Path to Root Server Path without \ set "serverpath=D:\servers" set this path to a main folder where you keep ALL your game servers. then once you run the batch, it will prompt you to enter user/pass, then it will ask you to enter your Game Server Name. enter for example xcom2 this will then create the path d:\servers\xcom2 after that it will ask for the game server ID#, you can find that list at https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Dedicated_Servers_List, for xcom2 you would just google xcom steam id, and it will come up, 268500 enter the ID that you want and hit enter, and it will start to download the files.
  4. tinboye

    Taunus Mission

    if you are referring to traders, you would have to get the exact coordinates you want them to be at and rotation/elevation, then change the current info within the initplayerlocal.sqf. Now that being said this was prior to latest release of exile. I am no longer really involved with anything arma at this time, too much going on in life.
  5. tinboye

    Issue making mods mandatory

    depbo your tryk_unit pbo, and in the folder you will see config.bin, open this with eliteness so its readable. in there you will see something like class CfgPatches { class TRYK_Uniform { version = "1.0"; units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = "1.1.3"; requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Characters_F","A3_Characters_F_Beta","A3_Characters_F_Gamma","A3_Characters_F_EPA","A3_Characters_F_EPB"}; }; }; the class TRYK_Uniform is what you would add to your mission.sqm addons section. if you go through each of the config.bin files for each pbo, they will show you each of the classes. try adding them to your addons then if you still get the error Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted then remove that classname from your mission.sqm and then the error will go away.
  6. tinboye

    Negative Points for SafeZone Campers

    if they set their server to kick the player after 15 minutes of idle, then so be it. them being logged into the server and not playing is just taking up player slot, where it could be free'd up for another player. and effect FPS. just means they log back in once back at their keyboard.
  7. tinboye

    Negative Points for SafeZone Campers

    What @Z80CPU makes sense, would be better to setup anti idle with battleye. so if they stop playing for so many minutes, then they are kicked.
  8. tinboye

    Negative Points for SafeZone Campers

    I would think you will need to add a new class under class Respect { in config.cpp and then also add something to the overrides to give negative rep.
  9. tinboye

    [SOLVED] Chernarus Radiation EASY FIX

    I found with A2 Maps, certain areas just will not work with radiation, never could figure it out, but I have my namalsk map, have 3 rad zones, 2 work, the 3rd does not. markers show on the map and everything. I believe it has to do with terrian and elevation or possibly the surface of the terrain that causes this issue.
  10. i think thats a normal issue with cup weapons.
  11. tinboye

    ExileZ 2

    zeds will only spawn in the triggers you leave true, if you do not want to show any markers on the map change Show Trigger On Map */ true, to Show Trigger On Map */ false,
  12. tinboye

    ExileZ 2

    just disable each trigger except #4 /* 0 Use this trigger */ True, set to /* 0 Use this trigger */ false,
  13. tinboye

    ExileZ 2

    disable the trigger labeled mission,
  14. tinboye

    ExileZ 2

    fn_init.sqf is the file you want to edit