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I started thinking about hosting my own server back in mid August. I googled Arma 3 server host then bookmarked about 10 different providers. I went to all their websites poked around, sent emails to them to ask questions etc.

I ended up settling on Armahosts.com and man what a good choice it has been so far.

The customer service has been top notch. Not just within pc gaming, period. They respond fast and as a newbie have helped me develop my server since i had no clue what I was doing at first. 

The speed of the server has been pretty good also. No complaints there at all. Just a pleasant experience all the way around.  I am not sure how well known they are but if they arent they need to be pushed to the forefront. Check them out if you are thinking of starting a server or switching host.


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I too had a good experience. With all the mods and scripts i was using, i wanted more. If more than 5 or so players hopped on the server would start to suffer. Dedis are ALWAYS the way to go in terms of performance and customizable shit. Most hosts dont allow you to upload .dll files for certain things aswell so that is another plus for Dedis. If you are paying more than 75 a month for a GSP, might as well just get a dedi.

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