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ARMA 3 REVIVE in Exile?

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As of version 1.62 of ARMA3 there is a built in revive functionality (as documented below):



This uses different settings for damage models and you can (for example) require certain items (Medkits for example) to be able to revive a player (depending on settings, see below)

ReviveMode = 1;                         //0: disabled, 1: enabled, 2: controlled by player attributes
ReviveUnconsciousStateMode = 0;         //0: basic, 1: advanced, 2: realistic
ReviveRequiredTrait = 0;                //0: none, 1: medic trait is required
ReviveRequiredItems = 2;                //0: none, 1: medkit, 2: medkit or first aid kit
ReviveRequiredItemsFakConsumed = 1;     //0: first aid kit is not consumed upon revive, 1: first aid kit is consumed
ReviveDelay = 6;                        //time needed to revive someone (in secs)
ReviveMedicSpeedMultiplier = 2;         //speed multiplier for revive performed by medic
ReviveForceRespawnDelay = 3;            //time needed to perform force respawn (in secs)
ReviveBleedOutDelay = 120;              //unconscious state duration (in secs)

Now, it would be interesting to get this working with Exile somehow, does anyone know how one would go about enabling this in Exile without messing things up too badly? Optimally this would apply to the in-game item (The defibrillator). 

Ideas on how to make it work are welcomed.


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4 hours ago, MRsOrange said:

This is what puts me off playing Exile, you get shot you die,  Bring in the arma revive system :):)

Thats the point of a military simulation game.

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I run this on my server currently and I believe it fits the "Exile realism" quite well. You can configure how "hardcore it is", for example, you can make it so that headshots always will kill, and that high caliber weapons do the same. You can make it use first aid kits, and you can configure the "bleedout time". Personally I prefer this system over Enigmas Revive, mostly because this requires very little in terms of scripting, as it utilizes something that is in-engine. Also since the devs have improved on the revive system over the past few patches, it actually gets better.

There are a few quirks though. For example, because you have to fiddle with the damage eventhandlers you have to basically re-do some things, or suddenly players will start dying to falling from short heights, and stumbles on rocks (á la DayZmod) as well as working around certain Exile features (if you pressed autorun with the revive system, you would go from being stuck in "semi-unconscious"-mode to running (quite hilarious). 

With these quirks worked out, I think this works quite well in Exile, imo. Been testing it for months with players. 

Before anyone asks though. No I won't be giving it out. It's not THAT hard to figure out (I did have to get some help though). And it requires some modification of infiSTAR to actually function. I do know @Eichi was planning on implementing it in Exile, and perhaps it might turn out into a standard Exile feature.



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