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To support the XM8 app, your server needs to connect to our IT infrastructure which handles the message routing. Each server is authenticated by a unique key file and identified by a four-digit server code. This four-digit server code is visible in the in-game XM8 and can be entered in the app to grant your server permission to send messages to certain players. Follow the following steps to set your server up:


  • You will be asked to proove your ownership
  • Once you have registered your server, set it up as follows:
  • For Windows servers: Ensure the XM8.dll is placed in your @ExileServer directory
  • For Windows servers: Ensure the XM8.dll is not blocked by Windows (Right click -> Properties -> Checkmark at the bottom)
  • For Linux servers: Ensure the XM8.so is in your @ExileServer directory
  • For Linux servers: Ensure the user that runs your Arma server has execute and read permissions on the XM8.so
  • Head over to the Server Console, click on the "Configure" option next to your server


  • Note down your four-digit "Server Code"
  • Open up the config.cpp of your mission file and add the four-digit server code into CfgExileMobileXM8
  • Scroll down to "Authentication" and choose "Download Key File"


  • Place the downloaded ExileXM8Key.cfg in your @ExileServer directory
  • Do not forget to switch back to your original server name


  • (Depending) If the static IP address of your Exile server is not the same as your outgoing IP address, you need to provide us with your proxy IP address. You can do so in the Server Console under Configure, HTTP Proxy.

You can now test the app as follows:

  • Boot up the XM8 app on your phone
  • Head to Servers and add the four-digit code of your server
  • Your server will now show up in the app, meaning you have granted your server permission to send your phone messages
  • Go to the Server Console and choose "Broadcast Message"


  • Type in something and press send. Broadcasting a message means the message will be send to all players/phones connected to your server.
  • Once you have ensured broadcasts are going through, head in-game and pay the territory protection money of one of your territories.



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