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Hey guys, So i recently bought a arma 3 server through VERT hosting, I have about 10-15 guys in a group that wanted a server of there own so i bought one, However Due to my work schedule and being the only one in the group that has the knowledge to set it up is very tough.I was wondering if any of you guys had the time to help me set it up or I would be willing to pay someone to set it up with a few basic scripts and mods. Thank you if your interested just pm me.

All we would want is that is already setup, infiSTAR i already setup on the server

A AI mission script

A status bar for the bottom of the screen



NATO RUS Weapons

NATO Rus Vehicles

TRYK multiplayer uniforms

RHS: AFRF (Armed Forces of the Russian Federation) 

RHS: USAF (United States Armed Forces


All of these mods seem to be one click installs from my server hosting company.

Thank you for your time.


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Hi Tony,

If you take out a server with us we can set all this up for you and make sure it works :)


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