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    Arma 3 Console Stuck at Gameport / Queryport

    Hey, i know its a older Thread but crashed into this Problem aswell so i dont really know how to get out of there.. RPT File:
  2. Shiiina

    Database wont Connect with Server (extDB3)

    @Brenner Yeah everything should be in place, im not shure if the config.ini should go in the main Directory or in the @ExileMod folder
  3. Hey Guys, i had the idea to start a server for my friends and myselfe so i already have so knowledge over Hosting and already had a Exile server running extDB3. So i made a new Server and i dont know what to do. My Console is showing me every time the Same... RPT: extDB3 logs:
  4. Already done that. Still not working. But thanks anyways.
  5. Hey guys, i recently added a File to my server in the CfgCustomCode for the TaruPods to be buyable (i know i should have done it a other way) but now the Mony shows only 999999 but the Players still have their Money. Its also telling me that everywhere on the ground are 999999 Poptabs. private["_responseCode","_vehicleNetID","_newPlayerMoneyString","_vehicleObject","_newPlayerMoney","_salesPrice"]; _responseCode = _this select 0; _vehicleNetID = _this select 1; _newPlayerMoneyString = _this select 2; if (_responseCode isEqualTo 0) then { _vehicleObject = objectFromNetId _vehicleNetID; _newPlayerMoney = parseNumber _newPlayerMoneyString; _salesPrice = ExileClientPlayerMoney - _newPlayerMoney; ExileClientPlayerMoney = _newPlayerMoney; if (!((_vehicleObject isKindof "Pod_Heli_Transport_04_base_F") or (_vehicleObject isKindof "Slingload_base_F"))) then { player moveInDriver _vehicleObject; }; ["VehiclePurchasedInformation", [_salesPrice * -1]] call ExileClient_gui_notification_event_addNotification; } else { systemChat format["Failed to purchase vehicle: %1", _responseCode]; }; Thats the File that changed it. I removed it aswell from the config.cpp in the CfgCustomCode but the money is still not working anymore. Thanks for the Help