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  1. yarpii

    Team Members Needed

    Hi there..... I am looking for people who like to join a community that i just started... The reason i am looking and posting a topic here is that people i know don's share the same love for Arma 3. I wanna see something i can setup with others to success and make a server other players as team can enjoy. I have setup the voice communication as the website.... all just need to be modified to my needs and all help is welcome. The project name is: Game Fail (game.fail) So i am looking for new members you can fill in i think what a new community needs and wants....... Do you see yourself as some one who wanna join a new project and see how far we can get with it... PM me or reply here
  2. yarpii

    XM8 Settings

    but is there a way to make this server rules into a other app or call it to a script what will open a app ? Because these normal server rules are ugly XD
  3. well i got a little problem i fixed the crash game problem... how i dont know XD i moved from windows to debian 9 and jeej..... but now when i click on open the app it stays empty because it miss for me or my server cant find the #define GUI_GRID_H #define GUI_GRID_W #define GUI_GRID_X #define GUI_GRID_Y
  4. yarpii

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Is there a way with this to give like 1 AI extra health. So he needs more damage then a other AI or just make one AI with extra health ?
  5. yarpii

    Exile Loot Drop DLL

    i got this same issue on Tanoa....
  6. yarpii

    Exile Loot Drop DLL

    Problem fixed i just needed: RGiesecke.DllExport.Metadata.dll
  7. well i got the same error today... i double checked and checked again... my game freeze when i try to open the market app on xm8 tablet I checked my .rpt log but it show no error about this freeze problem =========================================================== I have extDB3 on the server.
  8. yarpii

    Bury Corpse Script (v0.6)

    can i place VNM_fnc_Hidebody = compileFinal preprocessFileLineNumbers "Custom\BuryCorpse.sqf"; in initPlayerLocal.sqf ???? or
  9. yarpii

    Remove spawn markers from the map

    u can also just do this and will not brak anything class Item18{dataType = "Marker";position[] = {10806.4, 0, 6388.1};name = "ExileMarker18";text = "";type = "ExileSpawnZoneIcon";id = 118;atlOffset = 0;}; and remove: "ExileSpawnZoneIcon" so it will look like this class Item18{dataType = "Marker";position[] = {10806.4, 0, 6388.1};name = "ExileMarker18";text = "";type = "";id = 118;atlOffset = 0;};
  10. yarpii

    Fixed Vehicle Spawns

    what is btw the way to make it there 0 vehicles spawn on the map because i removed all the land and water vehicles in and still i get the message: "ExileServer - Dynamic vehicles spawned. Count : 72" in my .rpt log
  11. dit u manage to change default exile server rules with those of EXAD ? because i still trying to find a way to replace it..... so people dont need to go to more but it will be on the home of xm8 app. i want to replace the exad server info script for the exile default server rules
  12. yarpii

    ColdBeast #1

    INFO: Name: ColdBeast #1|Exile|Malden|50k-Start|High-FPS|Missions|Walking-Z IP: Port: 2302 Game: Arma III Map: Malden Open Slots: 100 Reserved Slots: 20 TeamSpeak: ts3.coldbeast.life INTRO: Welcome to Coldbeast Life. Where a fresh team who enjoy the Arma series and with this intention we created our very own Arma 3 server. Our team have chosen for the map Malden where the players can enjoy the great environment. The server has allot to offer like custom traders, scripts, Vehicles, Items, Weapons and i can go on. On top off that we have really great FPS because the server has SSD and we have minify all our files so they run faster. MODS NEEDED: Exile Extended Base Mod Extended Items Exile Zombies and Demons CBA_A3 DynaSound 2 Enhanced Soundscape Terrains 1.3.0 Complete Units 1.9.1 Vehicles 1.9.1 Weapons 1.9.1 SCRIPTS WE HAVE: Custom status HUD Deploy Bike/Quad Change view distance Crafting recipes Journal Most Wanted IgiLoad Suicide Double Loot XM8 Apps And more EXTRA INFO: Deletes a base 7 days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid Remove all territories (and constructions + containers in it) that were not paid after 7 days Remove all vehicles that were not moved/used for 7 days Set safe as abandoned after 14 days Sets door & safe pins to 0000 and marks safes to abandoned 2 days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid All vehicles in safezone will be unlocked after server reset. Bank Limit: 999.999 Safe Limit: 9.999.999
  13. yarpii

    Sell Price Modifier!

    yea but still would be nice to set some items just on 0.4 and some on 0.2 just to make a more easier... I know there is now one inf config.cpp a glabal system..
  14. yarpii

    [Release] Purchased vehicles spawn at specific location

    well i used this script but..... It goes wrong direction + every spawn has different direction
  15. Really nice work this It's been added to our server