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  1. [RW] DaCoon

    UAZ and pink lights

    We have the pink light on oure Namalsk server too, but only the UAZ no other cars, and we arent running any other mods exept for Exile and Namalsk
  2. @DoonKeey link for it is just in the post right over yours :-D http://arma.chilloutbude.eu/downloads/ @Exile-0.9.41.zip
  3. [RW] DaCoon

    Are we too silent?

    well if the guys need a break / slow down a bit, it think its well earnede...better to chage the batterys than burn out :-) we are also looking forward to the Namalsk map...the work you already have put in to the mod and map are fantastic...... And congratulation whit the comming new family member :-)
  4. [RW] DaCoon

    Hireable Buyable AI Bodyguards or Followers?

    Setup a new AI Recruitment Trader. <----- as standart it are a flag you can use to hire them, i have done it so oure blackmarket trader is where you hire them instead. AI's will cost maybe 500 Pop Tabs per AI. <------ cant figure that out my self, so for now they are free.... :-D whit a max of 2 ai units, if your alone. When player dies, what happens to the AI? (Deletion / Death / Rejoin group? <- as standart if you die, or log off you will lose the ais, or if they die.... Commanding AI (How? Since the action menus are replaced with Exile stuff, 1, 2, 3..... etc <------ just set a new command button, and it works fine.... mine is set to NUM LOCK and works fine. AI's should not shoot other players unless ordered to. <----- as standart they dont.... :-) just set your hireble units to be same faction.... i have changed the standart whit the exile units, and they dont shoot on other players it seems....
  5. [RW] DaCoon

    Hireable Buyable AI Bodyguards or Followers?

    The one you are talking about Kaos for hiring base guards , is proberbly SARGES´AI i have the option to spawn AI guards for your base , depending on what lvl your base is in..... first lvl 2 ai guards, and so on.... the one im using is another.....and you can use it to hire help , mostly for singleplayers, because it takes up a place in your grup for each ai you get help from.... you have the option to set how many ais you will get help from, think the default is 10 oures is set to 2 ais, so that means, if you join a group whit lets say one ekstra player in, you are only able get help from one AI ... the one im using is this one here.... http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26312
  6. [RW] DaCoon

    Hireable Buyable AI Bodyguards or Followers?

    its not an Exile thing, but some servers have it....*blink blink*
  7. [RW] DaCoon

    Grenade Recipe

    is it not just what you choose it to be :-) like : some mags whit lets say 5.56 for gun powder, some scrapmetal for splinters. An empty can for the holster :-)
  8. [RW] DaCoon

    Money and how it SHOULD work

    another option could be to use the already added base laptop, to add money too, and hack for a percentage of the base ovners money, this would give the base radiers somthing to go for then...break in, hack the computer, and see the money going over in your account = Profit. :-)
  9. [RW] DaCoon

    Bored with Exile...

    yaa im totaly in for that, as itsatrap says.... Werry cool server, whit high prices, better loot the longer you survive and move inland, a use for every small things you find as loot, and some werry nice new addons, like extra buildings for bases, new repair system, so if you crash you front wheel, you have to go and find a spare before you move forward...not only gaffatape :-D
  10. Am im the only one out there, who is thinking its kind of strange (towards the idea of a prisson island) That they have new cars , neverending supply of gas ( not guessing the local Shell is dropping by to fill up the gas stations) or your local car company is exporting there new models of hatchbacks ( or any other car for that sake ) to the loyal customers of Exile :-D Could it not be cool if instead people could craft some kinds of Cars / Transpoortations them self by some of all the metal platings, tires ( the new ones ) and so to follow the prison island idea a bit more them self. Maby even drop gas supplys in by air for them instead, so the prisoners woul have to fight for the gas for there transportaion. or at least some custom skins for the cars ingame so they dont look as new as they do now :-)
  11. [RW] DaCoon

    Hva så drenge, nogen der er med på at teame up?

    Du kan også bare adde mig hvis du mangler nogen at game med: steamcommunity.com/id/DaCoon7700 :-)
  12. [RW] DaCoon

    Custom skins

    not sure...but you could maby use the paintshop script Halv made for epoch for it .... maby it could do the trick :-)
  13. [RW] DaCoon

    Custom skins

    Sorry , dont think anybody have gotten it to work yet... the topich has bene up in here quite a lot of times, for som reasn it dosent seems like it works......corrcet me if im wrong :-) btw. looking nice the skin you have made :-)
  14. Well GTX had the same option when we was at them.... no bad thing said about GTX...we was happy for them and theire service the time we was there good support and only think its fair that both Survival Servers and GTX charge extra for an extra service who dont have anything to do about being a hosting company..... not so diffrent from ppl asking around for a paid scripter / moder in here in my eyes... :-) We are using survival servers right now..... and so far we are happy about it so far, for the most times they tend to respond quicly back if we got any problems.... for the most there servers is running pretty smoothe whit good fps, even whit a pretty custom server....