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  1. ka0s

    [CLOSED] hi

    We closed this thread
  2. We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  3. ka0s


    What boggles my mind, is that if said person is so good with Exile, why didn't he use the Exile notification system on the virtual hangar. Not sure if I'm alone on that one.
  4. ka0s

    Infistar Global Ban

    As previously stated: Read this thread, and understand the information given. exile.majormittens.co.uk does not have anything to do with your Global Ban, nobody will be GB out of thin air, you clearly did something wrong. Take responsibility for your actions, regardless of you stating you didn't cheat. The matter of fact is that infiSTAR does NOT Global Ban unless you did a violation, which you clearly did. We cannot help you, and if you plea case didn't go through, well... Honestly you deserved it. Locking this thread.
  5. ka0s

    Banned by infistar

    Locked for further replies.
  6. ka0s

    Roaming AI / AI Missions setup

    Moved to correct forum section. Gameplay > Events, Missions > Roaming AI / AI Missions setup.
  7. ka0s

    Error 13- please contact admin

    This will help :-)
  8. ka0s

    Infistar Ban, New Account, new style

    This thread isn't heading anywhere positive. Locked.
  9. ka0s

    Creating community mod

    Good luck repacking Exile into a community mod, we will DMCA you
  10. ka0s

    How to remove static missions?

    The first 2 examples // in front of the mission names
  11. ka0s

    How to remove static missions?

    I assume you're referring to the bases the spawn for these missions, those are, you can just comment them out by adding // in front of them. DMS_BasesToImportOnServerStart
  12. ka0s

    Loot imporvement (Loot+)

    Good guy ka0s changed post to show code in spoiler instead, please do this in the future or use pastebin
  13. ka0s

    System message trigger?

    And moved to Programming
  14. ka0s

    [SOLVED] Extended Base Mod, cant connect

    We have closed this thread and marked it as solved.
  15. ka0s

    Do not require territory flag

    Moved to correct forum.