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  1. Sebas

    [Updated] Claim Non-Persistent Vehicles

    Hello, its same for me. it doesn't work on vehicles that spawn from mission VEMF. _vehicle setVariable ["ExileIsPersistent", false]; not work. Help me again pls. thx
  2. Sebas

    Exile Default and Custom Container Loot System

    I have the same problem, I didn't find that folder "a3_exile_cls.pbo", where is it? And i dont have file CfgExileLootContaine. Help pls
  3. Sebas

    Pack Quad

  4. Sebas

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi! Little question, is it possible to increase the huron ammo rearming zone? Thx
  5. Sebas

    Extended Base Mod

    Hi gang. Little question, is it possible to increase the huron ammo rearming zone? Thx
  6. Sebas

    Can't use SDAR underwater

  7. Sebas

    Pack Quad

    Its the line for pack vehicle. class PackDeployedVehicle: ExileAbstractAction { title = "Pack Vehicle"; condition = "call ExAd_XM8_DV_fnc_canPack"; action = "call ExAd_XM8_DV_fnc_pack"; I place ur line after action?
  8. Sebas

    Pack Quad

  9. Sebas

    Supply drops are going into the bottom left corner

  10. Sebas

    ARMA 3 REVIVE in Exile?

    Ok thanks for this quick response. I do not like revive enigma.
  11. Sebas

    ARMA 3 REVIVE in Exile?

    Hello everyone. Have you had any development to compete for the revive of Arma? Thx
  12. Sebas

    Pack Quad

    Do you have idea?
  13. Sebas


    Hi. I had no help, so I tried and error myself and I succeeded. Probably because we have to pay for it.
  14. Sebas

    Pack Quad

    Hi, I use EXAD with the quad spawn like everyone else. When I tidy up my Quad I would like my Exile_Item_ExtensionCord to return alone in my inventory instead of on the ground. Thank you