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  1. ScreenTalker

    Family Size

    Is it possible for you guys to increase both? Everytime we try to add another clan member that joins us on Arma, the family bug gets worse or they just don't show up in family. We have 24 people in our family right now.
  2. ScreenTalker

    1.0.4 Update: Pineapple

    Cool. I'll talk to my clan about getting in this weekend -
  3. ScreenTalker

    1.0.4 Update: Pineapple

    It's in test servers right now. Likely another 6-8 weeks before release(?)
  4. ScreenTalker

    1.0.4 Update: Pineapple

    Updates look good. Is there any chance we'd see the ability to carry two primaries? The second in the launcher slot. Please, if there's a thread on this can someone point me to it? Thanks