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  1. Well my friends ....... Exile is going to die ...... Arma 3 is going to die ......... real??? If I look at the Steam Charts, there are still some dead-zombies alive! For example Arma 2 OA: between 600 and 1100 players daily! And stable over the last few months! And Arma 3 or Exile will die in no time? I can not believe that. Arma 3 and Exile will stay with us for many more years , I´m sure. What may (finally) change is that not anybody want to play serveradmin ......... and do not have to distribute 2000 active Exile players on 2500 Exile server! In my (humble) opinion, every mod suffers from exactly this phenomenon! "Ahh, on all servers all other players have more than I ...... lets make a server where I can play God" ........ is it not exactly this attitude that makes servers numbers grow like mushrooms? The whole is supported by hosters who actually offer servers with 2 or 3 slots! This finally kicks the bottom out of the barrel ........ Another factor may be due to the fact that the average player today has an attention span like a housefly ....... maybe I'm just too old to understand that at the age of 52 *sig* To come back to the topic, I think Exile will live for a long time.
  2. Anhor

    Family für alle Spieler

    Vielen Dank für deine Antwort @Ando Ich habe vergessen zu posten dass das Problem bereits gelöst ist ....... übrigens erheblich einfacher als gedacht. Man muss lediglich eine Änderung in der Datenbank vornehmen ....... unter Accounts die Gruppe von (default) 0 auf 1 (oder die Nummer die die geplante Gruppe hat) stellen. Also über sql. An dieser Stelle mal wieder Dank an @MGTDB
  3. Anhor

    Family für alle Spieler

    Ich weis, die wenigsten werden verstehen warum und wieso, deswegen lass ich das mal grundsätzlich weg Ich hab folgende Frage: Ist es möglich jeden Spieler der auf einem Server spawnt automatisch in eine Family zu adden? Also man spawnt praktisch bereits in einer Family ......... Weis einer wie man das hinbekommen würde? Schon mal vielen Dank im voraus für eure Mühen .......
  4. Anhor

    New DLC

    A funny fact is that the Russians would never sent NVA formations against the Bundeswehr ......... too big would have been the danger of fraternization
  5. Is there a way to change the term "family" (for example, at the Trader and in XM8)? For example, in "unit" or similar? "Family" just does not want to fit into our server setting.
  6. Sry for the german language (i´m native german speaker):
  7. Sounds more that something wrong with installing the map on the server. Without RPT files (both, client and server) it´s hard to say something about.
  8. And that´s the reason for changing the OS. As I said ....... know when it´s time for new things.
  9. Anhor

    ExileMod Advanced Repair Script

    I can´t believe it! It´s working! Thx a lot @BaroN @Bones51 you should work on your install instructions ....... on the infiSTAR part.
  10. Anhor

    ExileMod Advanced Repair Script

    Not yet ...... run into another strange error I installed the Super Advanced Repair Menu from @Bones51 At the moment I try to repair something, my scroll menu is worthless After the attempt I can´t enter a vehicle or open my inventory or something else ........ very strange. Followed the install intructions 1 by 1. Maybe this is something about our custom difficulty settings? No crosshair and markers etc.
  11. Anhor

    ExileMod Advanced Repair Script

    I´m sure and checked it. The problem is, this is what the install instructions say ....... nothing else. Maybe this is a question for @infiSTAR
  12. Anhor

    ExileMod Advanced Repair Script

    Small problem with the script: All players and admins get the repair/salvage feature displayed. If the players select this, the selection menu on the left side appears briefly and disappears immediately. Admins do not have this problem, with them the menu remains open. Yes, I use infiSTAR and yes, I have changed the corresponding entries in the EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG I even tried both versions : and The problem persists for both Does anyone have another solution?
  13. As I say befor ...... it was to much work to get it run (esspecially to install), so I decided the change to Win10 .......... especially against the background that Microsoft has discontinued support for Win7 . I like being old (52), but I know when it's time for something new.
  14. Mainboards B450 Series does not support Win7 anymore ..... as a example. War mir einfach zu stressig Win7 zum laufen zu bringen. Habe Win10 verflucht als es drauf war ..... bis ich ihm beigebracht habe was es darf und was nicht, einige "apps" dauerhaft vom System gelöscht habe usw. Jetzt bin ich ganz zufrieden damit ....... sieht jetzt zwar aus wie ein Win7 und fühlt sich auch so an ...... ist aber zukunftssicher.