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  1. Antraciet

    Status Background bar

    you can change this . I have change the background bar for you. invisible background bar so you see only your icons. I send you a PM . Kind regards
  2. Hi friends, Tell me is this normal that whe have 236 pages with troubles about the DMS mod ? I think that nobody can say here i run the DMS mod without troubles. Like this morning on my game server , he wants run enymore becourse all error log files for the bipods. So my line 7 in my creatvehicle text is almost a book long. !="xxxxxx" !="xxxxx" ... ect ... Kind regards
  3. Antraciet

    Status Background bar

    Here you see a model how you can set your status bar.
  4. Hi Honid, Send me a pm from your TS server , i try to help you than.
  5. Antraciet

    Namalsk Guide

    Exellent work Leonardo 100 points for you But one question what about the DMS mission mod " @a3_dms.pbo" file. Have whe to change something there to on this file. I put that question for the -->> Exile Tanoa Namalsk multiplayer servers. Kind Regards