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  1. Haywood Voltiac


    @ATU.Lasthope Im not a master with key handlers. I would have to test it myself.
  2. Haywood Voltiac


    @ATU.Lasthope You could also make a key handler using infistar.
  3. Haywood Voltiac

    data file to short

    @SnowSGS In lamest terms that means your missing files in the pbo. Try redownloading the pbo
  4. Haywood Voltiac

    Spawning a function the right way.....

    @TheFarFlash You have the files download from armaholic correct? I see that it's calling for a custom function (GOM_fnc_carpetbombing). If you could show some of the errors as well.
  5. Haywood Voltiac

    A3xai add grenades to AI loadout

    @Mahognys I don't think the AI will even use the explosives. I haven't tested this in a long time but back when I was still playing milsims the AI never used there GL or grenades (this was a while ago so it could be fixed). If you use DMS there is a ray that lets you place items in their inventory. If you find a way to get this thing working, I would love to know how. I found this comment on Reddit about this issue. top comment "They do throw hand grenades but only if they're out of ammo or they consider it to be cost-efficient to do so; see the BIKI CfgAmmo article on the cost parameter. As for grenade launchers, they're used against any kind of vehicle so as long as they are able to either destroy the wheels or disable any unarmoured/weakly armoured turrets. For instance if you have an RCWS on a tank then they will target it with their UGLs in order to disable it. Likewise, if you're commanding a Marshall and run across a group of grenadiers then they will fire their UGLs at the turret first and then wheels in order to blind and immobilise your Marshall (they won't be able to destroy the Marshall but good luck trying to shoot them back with a damaged main turret)."
  6. Haywood Voltiac

    Loot Table Compiler für Version 1.0.4

    The loot table compiler works for 1.0.4, I'm using that tool for my own server and it works perfectly.
  7. Haywood Voltiac

    Base light overhaul (+EBM) (Updated 04.03)

    This is pretty helpful, wanted to fix the lighting with some of the EMB stuff but didn't know where to start. Cheers!
  8. Haywood Voltiac


    @Dice_cube23 Setting up loot tables isn't too hard. Just download the Loot Table Compiler tool from the download section. https://exile.majormittens.co.uk/download-all-the-files/LootTableCompiler-1.0.3b.zip Heres a video that could help teach you the basics of the tool. If you need any help, I joined your discord. My name is Invictus. I'm also willing to do it myself, but I am a server myself and would like to focus most of my development towards that.
  9. Haywood Voltiac

    ARMA 3 REVIVE in Exile?

    @Sebas This revive system is integrated with Arma 3, I would recommend Enigma revive though. This just uses the CPR kit are within exile to revive the dead player, has some customizability to it as well. I personally don't like the standard revive system in arma, it looks weird and built for milsim kind of environment. If you would rather use Arma's, this video seems decent. I haven't look into this system at all so I don't really know what else you would need to do for it to work with exile. Sorry if this isn't much help, like I just said, I've never looked into this system before.
  10. Haywood Voltiac

    The option to rename the server is not appearing

    @Rodrigovski Make sure you updated the name in your config or tadst. You should also check out the ESMBot, it does even more than the app. You need to pay 5 bucks for the premium version but its worth it. Both the XM8 app and ESMBot are great tools and give props to each developer. Be aware though, ESMBot can only be used through discord, and either need to be in the ESMBot discord or your own server discord. https://www.esmbot.com/ If there's a feature that you don't like, you just need to remove the overrights, join their discord to get help if you use the esmbot. /Haywood
  11. Haywood Voltiac

    Exile United Sahrani

    @Stratigus I dont think anyone has made a exile server using that map, if you cant find one - add me on discord: Invictus#8294 and I'll teach you how to set it up.
  12. Haywood Voltiac

    Sever Not Available in Server List

    I dont see anything wrong with the RPT but you don't need to add the DLC stuff to the command line.
  13. Haywood Voltiac

    Cross Server Economy

    @OldManRix Other then that, I don't think there's a simpler way.
  14. Haywood Voltiac

    Cross Server Economy

    @OldManRix You could share the databases with each server but territories and shit will carry over as well. Just put the same database name in the extDB config and your good to go.
  15. Haywood Voltiac

    Exile Scavenge Framework

    @marcelunzenIch spreche Englisch. Wenn dies nicht korrekt ist, verwende ich Google Transalte. Ich kann Ihnen beim Einrichten Ihres Servers helfen, scheint nur ein Problem mit Ihren Sachen zu sein. ENGLISH: I speak English so if this isn't correct, sorry, I'm using google translate. I can help you setup your server, seems like just an issue with your loot tables and stuff.