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  1. TroyT

    Get Vehicle Owner's UID from DB

    Hmmm, I fear that the appropriate forum is a dusty basement where few ever go.
  2. TroyT

    Windows Server 2016 Crashing

    It turns out that this was an issue with TCAdmin querying processes and shutting them down... even game instances that it hadn't started. CHanging the query protocol fixed it.
  3. TroyT

    Define ban.txt file location

    Is it possible to tell Arma where to place and track the ban.txt file? We have 8 servers and I'd love to be able to have that file in a separate folder and symlink to it so that all servers could share it. Or, is there a way to configure @infiSTAR to centralize bans? I suppose I could have a web app that polled those files and aggregated them, then re-wrote the consolidated list to each file. That's a pain in the ass, though.
  4. TroyT

    mARMA - Server Monitoring, Live Map, RE...

    I'd like to see that as well.
  5. TroyT

    Windows Server 2016 Crashing

    Yeah, we've done that. With this behavior spanning several machines and both OS, it seems to something systemic. I just can't figure out what.
  6. TroyT

    Windows Server 2016 Crashing

    So after extensive testing, I can say that it has nothing to do with ExtDB3 or Exile. Launching the vanilla A3 in 64 bit crashes that same as any other configuration. 32 bit is stable. Since the above post, Windows Server 2012 R2 started to crash in the same way. There are no memory exceptions. The event log has a couple of errors, but nothing that should matter. There's an issue with TCAdmin trying to log in unsuccessfully but I'm getting these crashes when I bypass TCA altogether. I've gone back to WS 2016 and will do more experimenting.
  7. BTW, if you are looking for the town occupation missions with the diamond map markers, that's not occupation. That's "a3_vemf_reloaded".
  8. You may need to create a map config file for DMS. In the "map_configs" folder, copy the file "chernarus_config.sqf" and rename it "chernarusredux_config.sqf". In the "a3_exile_occupation" folder edit "config.sqf" and add the IF statement for ChernarusRedux. Again, copy: if (worldName == 'Chernarus' AND SC_useMapOverrides) then { SC_maxAIcount = 120; SC_occupySea = false; SC_occupyLootCratesMarkers = false; }; and edit it: if (worldName == 'ChernarusRedux' AND SC_useMapOverrides) then { SC_maxAIcount = 120; SC_occupySea = false; SC_occupyLootCratesMarkers = false; }; This is only really needed if you have "SC_useMapOverrides" enabled around line 21 in the "config.sqf": SC_useMapOverrides = true; Locate the "a3_exile_occupation\scripts\functions\fnc_findsafePos.sqf" file. Do the same as above. Copy the IF statement for Chernarus and edit it to read "ChernarusRedux". You should get in the habit when using alternate maps like this to do a "Find in Files" in Notepad++ in whatever script folder you are enabling (or whatever advanced text editor you use) and search for "Altis". Any hits that you find for any specific map will probably need to be replicated for whatever map you are using. The name of the map will be whatever your mission PBO is titled without the "exile." part. Good luck.
  9. TroyT

    Windows Server 2016 Crashing

    Does anyone have any experience with Windows 2016 crashing servers? We're migrating our servers to new boxes and changing to 64bit exe's and DB. We keep running into an issue with the game instance crashing within a few minutes of a player joining. If no player joins, the instance will run until restart or indefinitely if we have no restarts scheduled. We use TCAdmin and thought that the interface might be causing it but it's not. We've installed game instances with WS 2016 on 3 different boxes in 3 different countries using TCAdmin and using standard command line starts and it's always the same. We've also tested many different bandwidth tuning configurations. These tests have been done with our main game builds as well as with completely vanilla Exile instances. I just wiped one of the test boxes and installed WS 2012 R2 and everything's stable. The obvious and "easy" solution is to just use 2012 but we already have 10 game instances configured as well as all of our support software. I'd prefer not to start from scratch and with an older OS. I read on another forum about someone having this issue and they messed with the RAM settings in the BIOS and it seemed to correct itself. Our BIOS has no RAM settings. Our hardware: 2 x 2.4GHz Octa-Core E5-2630 v3 Haswell (16 Cores) 128 GB DDR4 RAM 2x480 GB SSD 1Gbs port
  10. TroyT

    Get Vehicle Owner's UID from DB

  11. I'me trying to set a variable in a script to the "account_uid" from the "vehicle" table in the DB. I don't know how to get the data from a specific column though. _vehicleObject = objectFromNetId _vehicleNetID; _vehicleDBID = _vehicleObject getVariable "ExileDatabaseID"; _vehicleDB_UID = _vehicleObject getVariable "???????"; // <--- Here I've tried various approaches but I'm really just poking around in the dark. Any help is appreciated. The "vehicle" columns are (to save you from looking) id | class | spawned_at | account_uid | is_locked | etc...
  12. Is there a limit on the port range that can be used for dedicated servers? We utilize a typical 2302, 2303, 2307 - Server 1 2312, 2313, 2317 - Server 2 etc... If in theory, you had a system capable of running 12 servers what ports would you allocate? Can we run into the 2400's? This isn't about whether you SHOULD run 12 servers, but how WOULD you if it were possible. You could compress the ranges into blocks of 5, but I'm mostly curious about the mechanics of the higher port ranges. Other than the obvious hardware performance and overhead issues, are there any other reasons that the theoretical 12 server box would be problematic?
  13. TroyT

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    Advanced Rap and Urban Rap can be added either way. We have them installed as optional server mods. If the player doesn't have them loaded, they still get the functionality, but not the custom sounds. Advanced Towing can actually be added to the mission file, or either way listed above. InfiStar and it's accompanying apps can be loaded as either mods or as addons. There's no difference in functionality. Chris just recommends picking one way and using it for all of his apps.
  14. TroyT

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

  15. I've been in contact with a rep and it doesn't seem practical. Even going with a pretty decent instance type it would have issues once the player count got over 40. That would mean using multiple instances at about $175/mo. I'll probably end up with a couple of boxes at OVH.