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  1. Maverick87Shaka

    Battleye Initialization Failed Error on Client Side

    After more than one year with our server offline, we're now trying to reinstall brand new server. The server is on a Windows Server 2012 OS and all the settings are working fine without BattleEyE turned on in config.cfg inside @ExileServer. If I turn it on, no one can join the server with the BattleEye Initialization failure error on client side. Any news about this problem?
  2. Maverick87Shaka

    Enigma Exile Revive - v0.80 [UPDATED 08/09/16] 1.02 Compatible

    Thanks for the info, anyone find a solution for this bug? ( even if it's not related to revive mod )
  3. Maverick87Shaka

    Enigma Exile Revive - v0.80 [UPDATED 08/09/16] 1.02 Compatible

    Really? what a timing. I think that I've changed during the update. sorry Please consider to edit the installation instruction and set as "main" method placing the .pbo inside addon folder
  4. Maverick87Shaka

    Enigma Exile Revive - v0.80 [UPDATED 08/09/16] 1.02 Compatible

    Removed from server launch parameter ( -servermod= ) and added the .pbo inside the @ExileServer\addons the revive is now working. I'm getting the attached error now with this initialization approach. If the -servermod is not working anymore, it's better to remove this step from installation instruction. ( actually the .pbo inside addons folder is mentioned as alternative method )
  5. Maverick87Shaka

    Enigma Exile Revive - v0.80 [UPDATED 08/09/16] 1.02 Compatible

    Thanks for this quick "recap" about installation steps, actually I do tree time ( also on different server ) but I'm unable to revive other player on my server. I see the menu with the mouse wheel, the revive animation starts but nothing happens to the dead player. Any Idea? Could be my InfiStar the problem?
  6. Maverick87Shaka

    A3AP (Arma 3 Admin Panel) For ExileMod

    No news @Jamie, @CEN, @William =D ? The works on this tool is stopped? You need any kind of help? I'm really interested on it. I can help with hosting space, VM, and also testing and improve the tool. I also have "basic" skill on PHP/HTML, for example I build my own page to admin our Ark server, start/stop, log access and config change all from web interface. Let me know
  7. Finally I solved my problem, seams it was missing in the mpmission the following line under CfgExileCustomCode ExileServer_system_territory_database_load = "ExAdClient\VirtualGarage\CustomCode\ExileServer_system_territory_database_load.sqf"; And forgot to uncomment the CfgHints. If someone have the same symptoms probably could be missing this two steps as well.
  8. VG doesn't work from beginning of the server most probably, I made the test only during single session, with a friend we made some test to be sure it's not possible to dupe element using VG, but we never test after a server restart if the VG was working, my fault for sure! As far as I understand, the DB was updated properly because I see territory ID filled ( on database ) when vehicle is stored, it's something related on how the XM8 list is populated after server restart. I think this is in charge to the line ExileServer_system_territory_database_load = "ExAdClient\VirtualGarage\CustomCode\ExileServer_system_territory_database_load.sqf"; That I have to insert in my mpmission. Anyone can confirm if it's this in charge to load vehicle after server restart? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the info, but finally I've removed the ExAd logo and put "manually" with a code that I found here around the forum. I've now a "big" problem. After server restart, I can't see the vehicle stored inside virtual garage. I checked on database and the vehicle is still there, with the column territory_id "filled", but I can't see on the tablet on stored tab inside xm8. until server restart it's works fine, with all sql update. I'm using infiStar and already checked the allowed id, it's matching. Any idea? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I fianlly change some of my texture app in the tablet, and also I would like to move the ExAd_SB_ICON_LOGO ( The ExAD watermark ) from the top left corner to the top right, becouse actually It's placed over the party members name. Any idea on how to do that?
  11. Maverick87Shaka

    Graphical Firearms Glitch

    I've the same problem on my fresh new server, dedicated machine with a tons of horsepower, FullFlash Storage and stuff like that, and I have the same issue! What do you mean with the UPDATE3? You're talking about lot of restart of the server? really?
  12. FInally, thanks to @wildbunch I finally solved my problem. That line was missing on documentation? I check more than one time the installation instruction and never notice that that line was missing. Thanks. Any idea on how to change the Logo Position?
  13. Hi all, I've just start to build up my arma server, I'm using infiStar and of course ExAd. I've changed the logo ( ExAs_SB_ICON_LOGO ) with my custom .paa texture file, and it's works fine, but I would like to move them a little bit up and left, becouse actually it's placed over the name of party's players. I also have problem with deploy quad app, I see the app inside the XM8 but nothing happens when I click over the deploy icon. I've the other app working ( virtual garage and view distance at the moment ) Thanks.
  14. Hi, First of all thanks for your great works, I found this tool very useful, I'm pretty "noob" with arma3 server and I just want to ask wich is the different between: Import Checked as ! Import Checked as != When loading from script.log ( I'm try to fix some exception that I have with AdminToolkit v1.8 )
  15. Maverick87Shaka

    Extended Base Mod

    Can I transfer the file received from workshop on my Windows client to the server?