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  1. AiRiC

    Bug Report

    Translated: Hello we from have something tested ... we noticed these things: - The lobby should be like the old "Arma3 lobby", so if you're running a game, you can still get on the server and queuing up. - The markings on the map and ingame should be more visible. - The intervals in which the zones shrink, should be shorter.
  2. AiRiC

    Bug Report

  3. AiRiC

    is there any guide on how to set up a escape server

    Just found out with a hosted server you need to open the exileescape.sql and delete the first line and rename the database to what your host has it name and then run the query to overwrite the stock exile database.
  4. AiRiC

    ExAd to new XM8-app

    class CfgXM8 In the Config.cpp You'll have to install exad first . Need help installing EXAD GamersRoost has a great how to video on youtube.
  5. AiRiC

    ExAd to new XM8-app

    I installed Exad Core and DV as I have before and found what to put in Class xm8 on here or another forum. Maybe this will help someone,maybe not. I disabled VG on Exiles side and at least have Deploy quad,Deploy Bike and Statusbar.
  6. AiRiC

    Layout boggled my mind very confusing....
  7. AiRiC

    Task Raido

    To get Task Force Radio working on your server you must: Open your mission in the editor using these mods: @Exile - @CBA_A3 - @task_force_radio - @m3e_3den F5 - Tfar Place Enforce usage Module. Set give Leaders long range to disable.Enable all players same. Place Frequencies module Link Frequencies to Enforce Usage,Link Enforce usage to all the playable players on the map. Requires Teamspeak on the server and client.Players must be in same channel to use.
  8. AiRiC

    Any Players In Louisiana ?

    We ain't dead
  9. AiRiC

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)

    Worked fine for me, Thanks
  10. AiRiC

    status bar install for exile

    For anyone else... what the Op did is correct but make sure Statusbar is StatusBar or the same as your folder's file names.Punctuation is key
  11. statusbar is different than statusBar just sayin....That kicked my ass back when i installed it the first time
  12. AiRiC

    Error message in RPT Need an extra eyeball

    Thanks, Metalhead that worked. I first put new lines in above the first bracket.Instructions said at the ____________________________________________________ class CfgCraftingRecipes #include "EBM\recipes.hpp" {______________________________________________________ Then tried the ____________________________________________________ Class CfgCraftingRecipes { #include "EBM\recipes.hpp" }; { _________________________________________________ Working now class CfgCraftingRecipes { #include "EBM\recipes.hpp"
  13. AiRiC

    Error message in RPT Need an extra eyeball

    Thanks, Thats what I started out with as per the instructions. I'll redo it again without the brackets
  14. AiRiC

    Error message in RPT Need an extra eyeball

    Ive tried several different times. Went back to stock Config and added them in your way again. Still not loading... New Config New Rpt