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  1. Syntace'HD+

    Set sell respect

    where do I add this? Just paste this in my mission cfg?
  2. Syntace'HD+

    Rpt log

    Anyone know where these messages comming from and how to fix them. Some linds from m rpt, got tons of those messages
  3. Syntace'HD+

    Set sell respect

    Hi guys, is there a option to set the respct for a specific item to sell? I added Gold and Silver to the Trader "Buy" and "Sellprice" are the same. You have to store Gold or Silver in your base because locker amount isnt that high. But atm players can buy gold for 500k and sell it for 500k and also get 50k respect. So how do I make that they dont get any respect for selling these items? Thy
  4. Syntace'HD+

    [Release] Xtended base raiding mechaniX

    tchao57 can you send me the file or what I have to add?
  5. Syntace'HD+

    Interaction menu not shown

    Hi guys, I have a problem with the interaction menu. Its alle in the config but for some reason it is not showing up ingame. So I dont have the hacking, grinding, lower or raise option. Hacking and Grindig is enabled. Do I have to add Id's to Infistar? Here is the rpt Thy for any Help
  6. Syntace'HD+

    Exile grinding hacking option not shown

    ok I added the options to the interaction menu but still not work... anyone knows why?
  7. Hi, anyone has a skrip wich limit the maximum hight of your Base? I am searching for sth that you can only build 30m high. Thy guys!
  8. Syntace'HD+

    Server isnt loading database correctly?

    Just saw the other forum... sry for posting here
  9. Hi guys, I have a problem with my database. The Server is saving all the stuffto the database but after restart nothing ist loading. At least no constructions. Rpt is only saying this 20:51:23 "ExileServer - Connected to database!" 20:51:23 "ExileServer - Database protocol initialized!" I dont know how to fix it.. pls help me out
  10. Hi guys, so wehave an Exile Server and tryed the option to hack or grind doors. Well the option for it in the scrollmenu not even show up. Probably I have to add sth to the InteractionMenu but I dont know what. Or do I have to enable sth different? Thy
  11. Syntace'HD+

    A3 Launcher "Partial Security"- Battleye

    Got it... well its green now
  12. Hi guys, I just registered my Server to A3 Launcher and it shows me "Patial Security" this yellow sign after the Servername. Well I am using Infistar and I think I have Battleye activated. Atleast all Rcon PW are set and in the config it is set to 1. It is also saying "BattlEye Server: Initialized (v1.217)" in the server console. So how do I get the A3 launcher sign to full green "High Security" Thy guys for any answers
  13. Syntace'HD+

    Exile_Client requires addon 'gnt_c185' Anyone can help?

    Solved it. Reinstalled Exile client
  14. Syntace'HD+

    Exile_Client requires addon 'gnt_c185' Anyone can help?

    So downloading Exile client and where do I find the exile-dir ?
  15. Hi guys, everytime I start my Chernarus Server I get this message. I klick ok and server start but probably sth is wrong. Anyone can help me out pls?