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  1. Microsoft Windows 7 support and security patches continue through January 2020 so I'm surprised that mainstream products like motherboards have already dropped support -
  2. Bob_the_K

    [Release] xsSpawn | Ground Spawn or Halo Selection

    Add !"playerwantshalospawn" to your setVariable.txt file in the battleye folder . I added it to the end of the first line after //regex.
  3. Bob_the_K

    Issues after arma update

    I'm running a ChernarusRedux server and no real issues since the update. I had a client crash the first time I connected to my server but it hasn't occurred since. The server never missed a beat. All seems to be good. And I DO have both TCP and UDP open so that lends credence to port/protocol being the problem (at least in part).
  4. When I first restarted my server and connected, in about 5 minutes my client failed and generated a dump file. The client.RPT had this in it: My server.RPT had no errors in it and never crashed. I didn't restart the server but just restarted my client and everything seems to be fine. No more error, no more crash and dump file. Missions are starting fine. Zombies are spawning. As of now, I have no idea what caused my client to crash that first time but all seems to be good now. I doubt it was ExileZ.
  5. Bob_the_K

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Thanks! That helps clarify a few things. It looks like I may not be able to do what I want. I was looking to do a beached submarine mission with the sub listing about 20 degrees around the Y axis. Looks like I only have the one rotation - rotating around the Z axis - but I'll have to experiment more. This helps.
  6. Bob_the_K

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    I've been going through this forum to understand the format of object placement for static missions but cannot find a good explanation. In looking at static mission objects I see some static objects defined like this: And others like this: In the second, I'm sure it's x,y,z and angle of rotation around the z axis from zero. But what is the format of the first? And some have "false" at the end and some have "true". What does that do? I'm trying to place static objects both by using x,y,z for placement but also angle of rotation around each of the three axes. I went into the 3DEN editor and placed the object exactly where I wanted it but DMS didn't like the format. When I export initserver.sqf, it looks something like this: This is the actual position I want out of mission.sqm: Anyone got a good explanation for the format?
  7. Bob_the_K

    [SOLVED] Chernarus Radiation EASY FIX

    So I've got no problem getting my radiation zone circle to show up, and the radiation zone even works properly (clicking, blurred vision, yellowish tint) but the radiation icon itself never shows up - just the colored circle. Here's the relevant section of my mission.sqm: What did I miss? Edit: figured it out. The item counter was off by one so it never showed the last marker (the radiation symbol).
  8. Bob_the_K

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    With -filepatching, I get: Warning Message: Script \userconfig\VCOM_AI\AISettingsV4.hpp not found. Without -filepatching, I get: "VCOM: Loaded Default Settings" but also get the warning message on the next line. I guess a good way to verify what's loading would be to make the custom settings real lame so I can tell the difference between the two based on how they act.
  9. Bob_the_K

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    I'm getting the same "not found" message - so I suspect it isn't using the custom settings?
  10. Bob_the_K

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Red_Ned, if you want to add Walker's A2 Vehicles, you can get the files here:
  11. Bob_the_K

    Compass Heading

    Hmmm... no luck - not even if I change class harvestweed to class compass. No errors, no warnings. But the HUD compass is displayed whether I have it equipped or not.
  12. Bob_the_K

    Compass Heading

    Does that one only display the HUD if equipped with a compass? That's what I'm trying to accomplish - so as to give more usefulness to actually having a compass.
  13. Bob_the_K

    [UPDATE] VCOM AI (Exile 1.0.4)

    The latest version (3.2.1) seems to be working pretty good (script version). I have no server.rpt errors but am getting a few of these in my client.rpt: and All I did was drop the folders in my mission.pbo, modify my init.sqf, cfgFunctions.hpp, and cfgRemoteExec.hpp files. I didn't even change any of the default config settings. Any ideas?
  14. Bob_the_K

    Compass Heading

    So what would cause it to not load? It stops right at Display #24 every time I try to start it. And the only additions are the mod itself and adding it to my startup parameters. Nothing else. Prior to adding it, the server started every time. There are no msgs in the server.rpt.
  15. Bob_the_K

    New XM8 App coding?

    So I've read these posts through and still don't get how to replace an existing main page button. The base XM8 has a "Server Rules" button (gear) on the main page. EXAD adds in the "Server Info" button (book) on the "More" page. Since they are redundant, I don't want to take up that button on the "More" page. So how do I replace the gear icon on the main page with the book icon from the "more" page and have the EXAD server rules display when that book icon is clicked that is (should be) on the main page? Here's the relevant parts of config.cpp that I have today: Do I have to add a "class server_info" under "class cfgXM8"? And something like "class ServerInfo: RscExileXM8ButtonInfo" in the controls class?