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  1. TheKuky_CZ

    Meds settings

    @[HG]RaVeN103 Thanks. And can I change it in config.cpp in exile_client.pbo? Or after that keys will not work? Or do you know some scrips which can change it? Thanks
  2. TheKuky_CZ

    Meds settings

    Hello, any way how to increase effectivity of bandages or instadocs etc.? For example I want bandage +10% dirty -10% insta + 80% etc. Thanks!
  3. TheKuky_CZ

    Flip vehicle

    Yes, it works. Thanks for help!
  4. TheKuky_CZ

    Flip vehicle

    @BaroN because maybe this is the problem. I accidentally remove flip from interactions. So I add it now and gonna try it.
  5. Is it possible to change the effectivity on items? Because on one server bandage heals +10% and on other 5% so is it possible to change it?
  6. Hi, I have this problem: After I revived a friend he see only black screen but I can see him standing. Only thing he can do is click ESC and respawn. After that server requests character but it fails > friend is kicked off but I see him still standing. When he connect he is okay with loot etc but there is another standing body if I kill it I have duplicate loot.
  7. TheKuky_CZ

    GPS Check for Map Markers

    Hi, me and my friend have GPS but I cant see him on the map. Also I cant see the point if I use "shift" + LMB on the map. Any idea? Thanks!
  8. TheKuky_CZ

    Flip vehicle

    @BaroN I tried to find cfg_interactions in the mission file's config.cpp but there is nothing like this. Any idea where it can be? @Z80CPU I have most modify Exile so reinstall is suicide.
  9. TheKuky_CZ

    Flip vehicle

    Hi, is there any way how to disable or enable vehicle flip option? Because on my server it currently does not work and I can't figure out why. Thanks!
  10. TheKuky_CZ

    Persistent vehicle spawn

    Hello guys, I'm looking for persistence vehicle script and I found this one but its not working for me so first of all I want to disable normal spawn of vehicle but I dont know why, can anybody tell me please? In script is sentence: But I dont know where to set up it.
  11. TheKuky_CZ

    Best persistent vehicle spawn ?

    Hey guys So how can I disable normal Exile spawn if I use this one? Thanks
  12. TheKuky_CZ

    Expanded Base Building

    Is it possible to change what you need for upgrade? For example requirements for upgrade a wall will be 4 planks and 2 duct tape.
  13. TheKuky_CZ

    Expanded Base Building

    @Irkutsk86 Yes, I add it on server, but its not working. I can't craft it and if I place a wall I cant upgrade it, remove it or even move it.
  14. TheKuky_CZ

    Expanded Base Building

    Hi, how can I add this mod to my Exile server?
  15. TheKuky_CZ


    Still nothing? No one has working humanity system a can share it?