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  1. In my case, it was the Exile DLL which was responsible for sending messages to Android devices. Can't recall the name of the DLL file, but I think it was stored in the ExileServer folder in your server root. I deleted that and my server was fine.
  2. GolovaRaoul

    [Release] Lingor Traders + Spawn Zones

    Fixed link for ArmA EDEN Editor files. Here's the new link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W7WwDMfGzkak7njZ2vJ-4UxaDIcZOa6a/view?usp=sharing Updated original post aswell, have fun
  3. GolovaRaoul

    [Release] Lingor Traders + Spawn Zones

    Seems like there is something wrong with your database. It's however a while back for me since I worked with Exile servers, so I could be wrong. Check your exile.ini (where the SQL query's are located), and verify that your database has the correct tables/colums. Also, you get a ot of errors on missing content. This for example: As far as I know, you only need CUP - Core for the map Lingor to work. Make sure the mod is not corrupted. If you placed object using editor, you might of used objects from the CUP - CWA mod ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=853743366 ). If you did, you should load this mod aswell. Hope this helps
  4. GolovaRaoul

    DayZ Standalone: Exile

    I think the devs are not even thinking about DayZ Standalone... think they had enough hair ripped out with arma 3 already
  5. GolovaRaoul

    Public Virtual Garage

    Think you want the LoneWolfVtitislGArage from @StokesMagee
  6. GolovaRaoul

    Drop down with no chutte

    Hoe heb je t gefixt dan? How did u fix?
  7. GolovaRaoul

    High CPU usage

    Yes. Ai use a lot of CPU power. If you have 60 players online you sure as hell want a dedicated server, my CPU was at 85-90% under full load (not wiped, 70 players with an E3 1245v2).
  8. GolovaRaoul

    Exile Esseker pbo

    its litterly the first thing when I google
  9. GolovaRaoul

    Infistar Global Ban

    Yes it continues even on new steam account. You can only talk to owner and maybe get bypassed on 1 server if you’re lucky
  10. GolovaRaoul

    Infistar Global Ban

    That’s the right place. You can ‘skip’ a global ban this way server specific. You sure he even tried this?
  11. GolovaRaoul


    To spot players probably or he maybe wants 100s of walking zombies
  12. GolovaRaoul

    Missions stop clearing?

    Dedicated server? What CPU?
  13. GolovaRaoul

    Infistar Ban, New Account, new style

    You probably won't get unbanned, but you should head to his Discord https://discord.gg/jg8zVFF
  14. GolovaRaoul

    Missions stop clearing?

    Well server FPS isn't the cause for this issue... But 7 server FPS with 20 players is way to low IMO. I think with my server it was maxed out with more shit on the map with 20 players... And almost 400 server threads... are you using ExileZ 2?