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  1. Poptart4050

    RHS Grenades not work!

    tried that with arma tools but the server rejects the exile file
  2. Poptart4050

    [Release] Prevent Low Level Raiding!

    Link is dead anyone got the files to share ? Anyone else have the files leftover then? Thanks for your great work KUPLION
  3. Poptart4050

    [Release] Prevent Low Level Raiding!

    Link is dead anyone got the files to share ?
  4. Poptart4050

    Certain buildings not spawning loot

    I'm also having same issue with Malden 3 buildings.. Land_Mil_Barracks_i_EP1 is my main issue. I got loot in the rest just not that building and 3 others.
  5. Poptart4050

    Malden Barracks: no loot [SOLVED]

    I am having this problem on Malden after update and a few other buildings the old fix does not seem to work .. Any ideas on how to fix ? I would be grateful for some help... I Tried this variation after comparing the files https://pastebin.com/wd5DmRfb
  6. Poptart4050

    1.0.4 Update: Pineapple

    Good Job adding Exad..
  7. Looking for this script is it still around the link is dead?
  8. some reason this simple script not working form me...Any ideas just loops the server?
  9. Poptart4050

    Connection Problems

    Same problem
  10. Poptart4050

    infiStar & ExAd

    Thanks for the offer. Figured it out. Realized that the remote exc moved lol. Forgot to add that bit back.
  11. Poptart4050

    infiStar & ExAd

    Could someone be interested in helping me out. I have exad working installed infistar and been playing with it for a week still can't nail down issue. I have TeamViewer. If you want more info let me know I will post. Exhad completes the motion but nothing happens.
  12. Poptart4050

    Interested? New Exile playground

    Hi, I have a free server that I currently am running exile on. Lookin for a someone or people that are interested in playing around and just seeing what we can create together.. I am not going for population of the server or anything like that just fun times scripting and making stuff that can be released to the public ... This will project will be a test environment that we can play on and test our creations ... The sky is the limit on what we can do.... Hope to hear from ya soon.... my discord https://discord.gg/53ZFgQA also have ts3 upon request ...
  13. Looking for some semi serious people to play as a group on a exile server. I have over 2k hrs have about all the mods. I prefer Chenarus or a custom map. I donot care for altis. Please have a mic and have a sense of humor.
  14. Poptart4050

    [EXO] Community looking for staff!

    I'm interested in helping out. I have plenty of admin experience and tons of hrs on arma.
  15. Poptart4050

    Looking for Exile Group

    Me to want to get together ? if so add me on steam cfout4050 or poptart. I have over 2k hrs on arma 3 and a mic