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  1. LYSY

    Random server crashes

    Solved. Little re-write one of script gui helped.
  2. LYSY

    Random server crashes

    Hey. There are my logs, rpt and sql log I tried to resinstall server. With only CUP's to load cherno. With and without my script's. All time when someone join my server and play some time server randomly crashed after line. I dont know where is a problem or how to understand this problem. I use ubuntu 64x 18-04.
  3. LYSY


    Hi. I want to present you my little exile server. Most unique feature is our own lvl system, gas granade and custom sounds( if you like quake frag sounds, you can turn on/off it in xm8 if you like it).
  4. LYSY

    Dynamic multi convoy for EXILE

    Hey. Everything works for me fine. But when I kill Ai's it gives you +1 to k/d. It seems server do not see them as Ai's like DMS bots...
  5. LYSY

    WKWM - New Toy on server (Gas granade)

    In future I think yes. First we have to make it easier to install on another server
  6. LYSY

    whats your longest shot

    Snipe kill 3126 m!:D
  7. Hi, I write here because I want to promote my channel. I play on arma 3 cherno, server ghostzgamers right now. I'm veteran from a2 epoch. THIS IS MY CHANNEL. Please enjoy
  8. LYSY

    whats your longest shot

    I have got 3 kills on 2,7km and within double kill. I have video of it on my channel.