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  1. So I'm currently struggling to add a custom texture that you can buy from the paintshop. I've got my texture next to the config.cpp in the mpmissions. When I go into the paintshop, i have the option for the custom skin, and I even inside the showcase it shows the skin. But when I click purchase it comes up with "Cannot load texture mpmissions\exile.altis\gamer.paa" This is what I've got in the config.cpp /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // SUV /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class Exile_Car_SUV_Abstract { skins[] = { {"Exile_Car_SUV_Red", 100, "Red", {"\A3\Soft_F_Gamma\SUV_01\Data\SUV_01_ext_CO.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_SUV_Black", 150, "Black", {"\A3\Soft_F_Gamma\SUV_01\Data\SUV_01_ext_02_CO.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_SUV_Grey", 100, "Grey", {"\A3\Soft_F_Gamma\SUV_01\Data\SUV_01_ext_03_CO.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_SUV_Orange", 100, "Orange", {"\A3\Soft_F_Gamma\SUV_01\Data\SUV_01_ext_04_CO.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_SUV_Black", 150, "Snow Camo", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_SUV_Snow_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_SUV_Black", 150, "Leaf Camo", {"exile_assets\texture\vehicle\Exile_SUV_Leaf_Light_co.paa"}}, {"Exile_Car_SUV_Black", 150, "Gamer", {"gamer.paa"}} }; }; It just doesn't make sense that it showcases the skin fully working inside the paintshop, but when I buy it, it can't load it. Thanks in advance gamers.
  2. Jimmay

    Update 1.0.4 Issue - Kick On Load - invisibleman.p3d

    I have the same issue now on my server, recently installed the R3F logistics and after updating the BE scripts.txt I get the same error. I get kicked for Script restriction #2 and in the RPT it's the same error with the "invisibleman.p3d" Not sure where it's wrong.