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    Adding individual vehicles Howto?

    Hi there I have my exile server up and running. a VERY FEW mods / addons also work fine. (like DMS; Occupation;advancedTowing) Now I am struggling hard to implement additional vehicles. I watched a few videos on YT, but those are either old or methods dont seem to work anymore. I don´t want to add whole arsenals like CUP or RHS into it, but would do it if necessary. is there a surefire, idiot proof HowTo somwhere on how and what I need to do to add standard Arma3 Vehicles that are not present in Exile ? (like armed strider and ifrit variants for example.. more APC and such... ) Thank you all in advance for your help.
  2. Hi there, does this mod work in conjunction with DMS and Occupation, meaning Zeds attacking the other AI as well as players? I would love to have real AI map dynamics in terms of mayhem and chaos. Luring hordes into mission areas and such.. would that be possible at all ?