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Nobody likes to read a bunch of text. Therefore we will hold our community guidelines short and simple:

1. Search before you post
In our boards there might already be what you are looking for. Please avoid double posts and use the search bar first.
If you can't find a solution, please post a new thread in the corresponding section. Do not crosspost your question to several threads.

2. Serverannouncement (Showcase)
Everybody wants to be successfull and show their servers to other. We appreciate that but please remember:
Every Server should only have one entry in the "Showcase" section. You are allowed to bump your server once a day.
You are not allowed to announce your server on any other topic than "Showcase".

3. Dealing with others
Please be nice on the boards. Always deal with other people as you want to be treaded. There is no need for insulting or being rude. No name and shame on the boards.

4. Usernames and accounts
Your username should not lead to people thinking you are a teammember also it should not cointain links and advertisement. Racist or inappropriate names are not tolerated.
You only should have one account. Multiple accounts are a violation of our rules. Registering with links in your nickname.

5. Ask a dev
Please be aware that our devs are busy to get all of the features in the mod. Therefore think twice if you address your question to the devs.
Maybe other people can help you also (e.g. "How do i deal witch XX battleye filter", "How can i setup a server")

6. Spam / Hacks / Glitches / Exploit / Copyright violation
All related posts will be deleted without any warning and lead to ban from the boards. If you feel you found a security issue, exploit or glitch:
Please message one of the moderators. We will handle this with the devs. Information how to cheat in the game should never be published public.
If we have the feeling it is important for everybody to know: WE will open a thread.
Sharing of copyright protected content will also lead to a ban without any warning. Respect other peoples work.

7. Post format and language
All posts should be written in english so everybody has advantage of it. The only area for non-english posts are "Small Talk" and "Showcase".
Please keep your posts structured and well formated. There is no need to post in font size 60p with 10 different colors.

8. Help us to keep the board clean
If you find any thread which is a violation of our rules: Report it to a moderator.

9. Signature
Keep your signature readable. Avoid unnecessary information and keep it small (10 lines max)

10. Enjoy
Finally enjoy the mod and help us with to make it better. Keep posting your suggestions and feature whishes. Help to report bugs and testing so we can create the best mod for the best community: You :)